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Ruff Rider Roadie Harness Seatbelt for Dogs with Tether - X-Large

Ruff Rider Roadie Harness Seatbelt for Dogs with Tether - X-Large

Ruff Rider Roadie Harness Seatbelt for Dogs with Tether - X-Large
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The Ruff Rider Roadie Canine Car Harness Can Stand Up to 5,000 lbs of Force

*Above photo does not necessarily reflect this extra-large size.

Made in the USA - For your pet's safety in the car, consider a seatbelt for dogs that has been around and continuously improving for nearly 20 years. The Ruff Rider Roadie has been safety tested for strength by the Commercial Test Labs in Denver and their new and improved design has been crash tested at the Allianz Insurance Crash Research Center in Germany. In addition to this testing, other safety features are as follows:

* No plastic parts to break.
* Pleated under your dog's legs for their comfort.
* No choking.
* Made from the same strength requirements as seatbelts for people.
* Safety design input from a veterinarian. 

This Seatbelt for Dogs has been Independently Tested at the Commercial Test Labs in Denver

Putting on the canine car harness from Ruff Rider is comparable to putting on any other harness. It may seem complex the first time but once you know how it is done it is simple. Watch the video on the main Roadie page to see just how simple. The video also shows you how the Ruff Rider Roadie secures your dog in your vehicle. You can either secure him with the seatbelt of your car through the loop on the Roadie tether. Or you can secure him in the back of your SUV with a carabiner through the loop tether. To use in the back of an SUV, however, you need to make certain your SUV has a metal cargo ring. Not all SUVs have one.

The tether strap on the back of this seatbelt for dogs has two loops. The loop closer to your dog's body allows him to sit and lie down. The other is closer to the end of the tether and allows your dog to sit, lie down, and stand. This longer option is great for dogs that like to move around a lot in the car.

When your dog is not in the car, you can use the tether strap as a short leash or you can hook it up at the top of the harness out of the way.

If you are concerned that your dog will try to get out of the harness, check out our article on Pet Auto Safety Blog on how to help him get used to it. Making the canine car harness too tight will not prevent a determined dog from trying to get out of it. Training may be necessary in order to prevent injury. Training can begin at home so the driver does not have to be distracted.

The extra-large size will fit most large dogs. However, measure your dog's girth which is around the chest behind the front legs. The extra-large will fit dogs over 96 pounds with a girth size of 37" and greater.

Measuring Guide for Roadie

Extra-Large:  Chest/Girth 37"+ / 96+ pounds

Now in new colors!!! Black and gold / Black and red / Red / Scuba blue / Scuba blue with pink

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