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Traveling in the Car with Cats and Small Dogs

Small Pets Traveling in the Car Can be a Dangerous Distraction

Have you ever tried to travel in the vehicle with your cat? Most cats hate the car. They either stay scared in one place, like the windshield where they refuse to move, or they investigate everywhere, including under the pedals at your feet. What about a small dog? Perhaps your little friend likes to climb in your lap. Or maybe he gets easily thrown about at the simplest turns and stops. Big dogs seem to be able to brace themselves easier in the car, but for a small pet, it can be a challenge. Here are some ideas that can help.

Having your Cat or Small Dog Ride in a Travel Pet Carrier Can Help Make them Comfortable and Safe

When traveling in the car with cats and small dogs, try putting them in a pet carrier. Cats like boxes and crate trained dogs enjoy their own private space. But before you just put them in a travel pet crate and go for a ride, make sure they get used to the crate at home first. Make their space nice and comfortable. Entice them to go inside with treats. Perhaps even put a few of their favorite toys inside so that they enjoy spending a little time in there.

Use a pet travel carrier that is big enough for them to move around in. Also, get one that can be secured in the car. Some are designed specifically for use with the seat belts of vehicles while others may require the use of kennel straps. Some carriers have even been crash tested.

You may not travel as often with your cat as you do with your small dog. But the more you practice, the better they will get at traveling in the car. Start with taking short trips. Just drive around your neighborhood or to the drive through teller at the bank. Be sure that you don't go somewhere that doesn't allow animals. Never leave your furry friend in the car unattended. Even if the weather is mild, you still have to worry about theft.

Get your cat or small dog used
to riding in the car and try the
Thundershirt to help keep him calm.

Ask your veterinarian about pet calming remedies. Medication may be an option, especially for cats or dogs that have an extreme fear or are hyperactive in the car. Natural topical or oral remedies may also be available. You may even want to consider a non-medicinal remedy such as an anxiety wrap. Pet anxiety treatment wraps, such as the ones made by Thundershirt, have a very high success rate for both dogs and cats.

Thundershirt Pet Anxiety Remedy for Dogs and Cats Travel Calm Mist for Treating Pet Anxiety in the Car

Calming remedies can be a great short-term solution. But in the long-run, you want your dog or cat to be comfortable traveling in the car. It is less stressful for you both that way. Taking the time to practice may seem like a hassle so at the very least, get your furry friend used to their pet carrier at home.

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