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TraficGard Steel Pet Car Barrier for Cars & SUVs

TraficGard Steel Pet Car Barrier for Cars & SUVs

TraficGard Steel Pet Car Barrier for Cars & SUVs
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Keep Your Dog in the Back Seat or Cargo with the TraficGard Pet Car Barrier

The TraficGard dog car barrier is made from high quality steel construction. It can keep your dog in the back seat and keep him from being a distraction to the driver, and is strong and secure enough that your dog can't push it down or move it.

***The primary US supplier is out of stock and so everyone is out of stock until the beginning of May. You may order now in advance but it will probably be mid-May before you receive it.

The TraficGard Can be Installed with no Vehicle Modification

* Made of powder coated steel
* No vehicle modification required
* Stay firmly attached to headrests
* Adjustable
* Allows seats to be folded down

Assembly required. Headrests must be able to move up and down in order to install this item. If the seats this is being put on has a center console, consider its height. This barrier is only 12.5 inches tall at the most (see below), so if he center console is short, there may be a gap that your dog can put his head through.


Measuring Chart for the TraficGard Pet Car Barrier

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your dog from being a distraction.

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