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Pet Calm Thunder Shirt for Dogs & Cats - Anxiety Treatment

Pet Calm Thunder Shirt for Dogs & Cats - Anxiety Treatment

Pet Calm Thunder Shirt for Dogs & Cats - Anxiety Treatment
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The Dog and Cat Thundershirt Helps to Keep Your Pet Calm in the Car

Most cats don't like to ride in the car and some dogs don't either. If that's your pet, he or she might show their anxiety by whining (meowing for cats), trying to climb in your lap, trying to hide, pacing, panting, drooling, and/or shaking. If you want your pet to feel better about riding in the car, here are two things you can do:

1. Training - This first one doesn't cost any money but it will cost time. How much time? It depends on you and your dog. An article with some great tips can be found on our PetAutoSafetyBlog.

2. Thunder shirt for dogs (or cats) – This is a relatively inexpensive cat and dog anxiety treatment that has been shown to keep your pet calm in a multitude of situations such as thunderstorms, separation anxiety, vet visits, and even rides in the car.

Scietific Study was used to Design the Thunder Shirt for Dogs and Cats

The company that makes this product has done a survey with over 2,000 customers and found that over 80% of them agreed it helped reduce their pet's anxiety. Please note that it helped reduce, not necessarily eliminate, anxiety.

Good question. It seems too good to be true that a simple shirt can have such an amazing effect. But the Thundershirt is no ordinary shirt. It is designed to "hug" your dog and put on a constant but gentle pressure. Scientific experts believe that this pressure induces the body to release calming endorphins that help relax the nervous system.

Applying gentle pressure to the body has shown to work in a number of other situations. Take the swaddling of an infant, for example. People have done this for thousands of years and still do it in order to help sooth a baby. Some people with autism use pressure techniques in order to help with their anxiety. An example of how gentle pressure can help animals is shown with the Tellington TTouch trainers. These trainers use circular massaging techniques for a variety of issues, even dog aggression. Another animal example is when gentle pressure techniques are used on cattle to help keep them calm while they get their vaccines.

If you purchase the dog or cat Thundershirt and it doesn't work on your pet, let us know within 30 days of purchase and we will refund you the $39.95 item cost. The shipping of $5.00 is non-refundable.

* Easy to put on and take off (it might take a few moments the first time, but once you learn how to put it on, it's easy)

* Comfortable
* Machine Washable
* Durable material that resists hair

Extra-Extra-Small for dogs under 7 pounds.

Extra-Small for dogs 8-14 pounds.
Small for dogs 15-25 pounds.
Medium for dogs 26-40 pounds.
Large for dogs 41-64 pounds.
Extra-Large for dogs 65-110 pounds.
Extra-Extra-Large for dogs over 110 pounds.

Small for cats with a 9"-13" chest size and under 9 pounds.

Medium for cats with a 13"-17" chest size and between 9 and 13 pounds.
Large for cats with a 17"-24" chest size and over 13 pounds.

Shipping is $5.00 and the item is sent via the USPS. It is sent out within 0-2 business days and arrives within 3-7 business days. We will ship to a PO Box.

By purchasing this product, you agree to our terms on our Terms and Conditions page.

Try the Thunder shirt for dogs and cats
with the 30-day money back guarantee (excluding shipping).

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