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The Pet Net Brand Safety Barrier for Cars & SUVs - Standard Size

The Pet Net Brand Safety Barrier for Cars & SUVs - Standard Size

The Pet Net Brand Safety Barrier for Cars & SUVs - Standard Size
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The Pet Net Brand Barrier for Cars and SUVs Help Keep Your Dog in the Back

The Pet Net Brand safety barrier works in cars or SUVs. It is light but durrable. It will not obstruct the driver's view and it may deter your dog from trying to get into the front seat. In the event of a minor car accident, it will may keep your dog from flying forward into the front seat or through the windshield.

This Dog Car Barrier Pet Net is Easy to Install and Won't Damage Your Interior

There are no adhesives or complex installation required for this dog car barrier. Install it with bungees. One set of two small bungees wraps around the head rests of the front seat, one set of two bungees wraps around the seat belt housing or handles, and one set of two bungees attaches to the bottom of the seats or other. Once you determine the best attachment methods for your vehicle, the next time you install The Pet Net it will be quick and easy.

The Pet Net Brand car safety barrierThe Pet Net Brand car safety barrier attachment points

Standard - 47"W x 24"T fits most cars or SUVs.

*Make sure you have places in your vehicle for the bungees of the dog car barrier to attach. Check your seatbelt housings and/or handles before purchase.

**Please note, this pet net does not reach the top or bottom of your car and does not go all the way across. It is only intended to block the center area between the seats.  It may keep your dog from getting thrown into the front seats and through the windshield in the event of a minor car accident. This product is not crash tested.

***Pet nets are not chew proof.

Shipping is $7.00 and is generally mailed via USPS Priority Mail.

"I wanted something to keep my lab in the backseat after he nearly caused me to run off the road. I really didn't want a metal barrier because I've heard they rattle. The Pet Net was so easy to install in my Explorer I couldn't believe it, and no rattling!"

"I tried the car harness for my golden retriever and she was just miserable! I'm so happy I found The Pet Net. I love that I can get it on and off in a snap and that it's so easy to store."

By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that you have read and accept this product description and the terms on our Terms and Conditions page. Also note that discount codes do not apply towards this product.

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