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ClickIt Utility Dog Safety Seat Belt Car Harness from Sleepypod – Small

ClickIt Utility Dog Safety Seat Belt Car Harness from Sleepypod – Small

ClickIt Utility Dog Safety Seat Belt Car Harness from Sleepypod – Small
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Six Years of Research Went Into the Crash Tested ClickIt Utility Canine Car Harness

The ClickIt Utility dog safety seat belt is brand new in September 2013. It was designed in light of the 2011 study conducted by the Center for Pet Safety with your best friend's safety in mind. ClickIt, from Sleepypod, has six years of pet car safety research experience and used it to design a safer canine car harness for your beloved pet. The ClickIt Utility uses 3 points of attachment to secure your dog, plus it has been crash tested. Scroll down for their crash test video.

Scroll down for important sizing information. The padded vest of the small is 9" long which may be too big for smaller pets. The small size may be more suited to smaller medium breeds. Dogs that are smaller should consider the Sleepypod pet car seat.

Your Dog Stays in the Seat with the New ClickIt Utility Dog Car Restraints

Choose either black, red, or orange.

-Two buckles that break away to alleviate strain
-Has three anchor points to secure
-Broad padded vest to dissipate pressure
Tethers of the ClickIt Utility Dog Car Harness

-Sleepypod has six years of experience with pet travel safety testing
-Crash tested and static tensile strength testing
-Passed FMVSS No. 213 standards for child safety
-Your dog stays on the seat in a frontal car crash
-Made from heavy-duty materials and hardware

1. The ClickIt must be used in the back seat and must use all three attachment points.
2. The rear seat must have the latch system located between the cushions (all vehicles 2001 and later will have these).
3. The two side attachment points must have the clips facing outward.
4. Training may be needed for dogs that won't sit still since the harness does not force them to stay.
5. A determined dog can chew through or wiggle out of the harness.
6. Your dog will not be able to stand up in the harness, but he can sit or lay down.
7. The following infographic helps to determine the effectiveness of a pet safety belt - http://sleepypod.com/safetyclass.pdf
8. This Press Release has more information on safety.

Small - 37" – 44" total measurement around your dog's chest and neck. The padded vest is 9" long.

Using a tape measure, start with one end between your dog's shoulder blades. Wrap around your dog's chest then neck to make a figure-8. Use the resulting ending measure to determine which size you need. The video below demonstrates how to size the dog safety seat belt, how to put it on your dog, and secure your dog in the car.

Measuring the ClickIt Utility Pet Car Harness

The above video demonstrates how your dog is secured in the back seat of the car. The two side straps on the ClickIt dog car restraints attach to the latchbars located between the cushions of your back seat. All vehicles 2001 and later should have these latchbars, which are used for securing baby seats. Once the side straps are connected, use the seat belt of the car to slide it through the back of the harness and buckle your dog in.

The ClickIt Utility passed the No. 213 standard for child safety set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS). The following crash test video is using a 75lb dummy at 30mph.

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