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Sephi, Maya, & Pierson

Introducing Maya & Pierson's first Car Talk Adventure Video

You can view all sorts of videos of Sephi, Maya, & Pierson on my personal YouTube channel -

The CECs of Pet Auto Safety

CEC (Chief Executive Cuteness)

Sephi, short for Persephone (Per-sef-ony), was born around the beginning of April 2001. She became my dog in June of 2001 when she was about 8 weeks old. I got her from someone who’s dog had puppies. She was probably half Chow, part German Shepherd, and part Labrador. Check out the photo below of her wearing the Kurgo dog seat belt. Yes, she had black spots on her tongue from the Chow mix. So cute!

My Dog Sephi Wearing the Kurgo Dog Car Harness My Black Chow Mix Dog Sephi with a Bone

Sephi was my only dog at the time I started Nature by Dawn, Inc. and Pet Auto Safety. She had always worn a dog car harness, so was a great inspiration. Sadly, Sephi passed away in November 2011.

Me & My Dog Sephi

Maya was born around the end of August 2007. She became my dog just after Thanksgiving 2007. Maya was adopted from a humane society by a woman on November 17, 2007. Exactly one week later, the woman decided that she could not handle the responsibility of a puppy so decided to find a new home for her. I was the lucky new owner. Maya is a yellow Labrador. Her Lab personality definitely shows through with her zest for life and her love for every person and every dog. Maya is very photogenic and has been the model of many of our pet auto safety products. She has even been the model for our logo.

Pet Auto Safety Labrador Retriever Logo Labrador Retriever Maya Wearing Dog Seat Belt

My Labrador Maya Playing with Kong Dog Toy

Althought I still had Maya when Sephi passed away, I really missed having two dogs. So after the holidays, my husband and I started to look for another dog. We visited animal shelters and went to through But no one seemed right. When I mentioned on Facebook that we were considering a Border Collie, a friend of mine told me about two stray dogs living in a park for nearly a month. One was a Border Collie mix, the other a Chow mix. So we went to see if we could catch the dogs. After three days. we eventually caught both dogs. The Chow mix went up for adoption while I kept the Border Collie mix. I think he is actually Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix. I named him Pierson after the park he had been living in. For the full story on Pierson, visit our American Dog Blog article, "The Reward of Rescuing a Dog - How We Got Our Dog Pierson".

My Aussie Mix Pierson Wearing the Bergan Pet Seat Belt My Aussie Mix Pierson Chewing on a Dog Toy
Me and My Two Dogs Maya and Pierson

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