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Seat Belts for Dogs Make Progress in Safety

You may have seen the headlines reporting a failure of dog seat belts, but don't despair! A recent study conducted by the Center for Pet Safety (a nonprofit organization) actually had some promising results. Just as safety belts for people took time to perfect, so the ones for dogs are doing now.

Even a Car Harness That Hasn't Been Crash Tested Can Provide Your Dog with Security

For the most part, a majority of car harnesses are only beneficial for keeping your best friend from distracting the driver by keeping him off your lap, from standing on the center console, and by keeping him in the back seat. If your dog is secured, there may even be some protection for him if you have to stop suddenly or quickly swerve out of the way to avoid a mishap. A harness may help keep him from getting thrown into the floor or into the dash.

But what about his safety in a car accident? You want your best friend protected in this situation too, right? At least one brand held up in the crash tests conducted by the Center for Pet Safety and that was the ClickIt Utility made by Sleepypod. This particular brand (of the 11 brands tested) came out as the most likely to keep your dog in his seat in a crash. It also helps to keep him from getting tossed side-to-side.

This means the ClickIt is very restrictive. While it is best for your dog to be secured as much as possible, some dogs may not like such a restraint. The good news is there were other brands in the test that did not fail. They weren't as restrictive in the crash test, but they did not break either.

Several Dog Seat Belt Brands, Including the ClickIt Utility, Did Not Fail Crash Tests

Review the full report from the Center for Pet Safety to see which brands were next in line in regards to safety. These brands have the potential to keep your dog from hitting or hurting other passengers in a car crash. Your pet might come partially off the seat, but not out the front windshield. And your dog won't be able to run off in fright after being traumatized by a crash. (Many dogs will try to flee after being in an accident. This can result in your dog being struck by oncoming traffic, getting lost, and missing out on necessary medical attention.)

Keep in mind that while many safety car harnesses for dogs may not provide the ideal crash test results as the Sleepypod brand, some sort of restraint is better than nothing at all. Most collisions are minor. While you may be uninjured in a minor accident, an unsecured dog might not.

Keeping your dog secure is better
than not securing him at all.

So when asking yourself if a car harness for dogs is safe, also ask yourself if your best friend will be safe without one. Be assured that while a harness may not protect all dogs in all auto accidents, just as safety belts for people don't, there are many great brands out there with promising results. And continued research is only making them better.

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