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Dog Car Seats and Pet Booster Seats Keeps Your Companion Comfortable and Safe

Take your loyal companions with you when you run errands or go on a road trip by safely securing them in a dog safety car seat from Pet Auto Safety. You can find all the top brands of dog booster car seats like Snoozer, My Buddy, and Sleepypod in our online store.

Dog car seats from combines safety and functionality without sacrificing style

Pet Auto Safety has doggy car seats in all sizes that fit in your back seat, the passenger seat, and even on the console. The Snoozer Lookout car seats are easily attached by a seat belt and elevates your pet to give them a good view out of the window without compromising their safety. The Sleepypod mini pet car seat is a stylish way to carry around your dog or cat and doubles as a car seat. With a myriad of colors to fit your individual taste, Sleepypod car seats are top quality options for the fashion conscious.

Give your furry friend a space to call their own with elevated pet booster seats and dog car hammocks from

To narrow your selection, shop by brand: Snoozer (also called Lookout), the crash tested Sleepypod, or the Kurgo booster seats. Purchase a fashion that fits your pet and lifestyle.

Skybox Safety Dog Booster Car Seat from Kurgo - Orange w/ Black
This dog car seat gives dogs under 30lbs a boost and secures them for safety.
Queenstown Safety Dog Booster Car Seat from Kurgo - Blue w/ Brown
This Kurgo dog car seat gives a boost and helps secure a 30lb pet.
Sleepypod Soft Pet Travel Carrier / Dog Safety Car Seat
This crash tested pet carrier has a 15" inside diameter; best for pets under 12.5lbs.
Dog Bedding for SleepyPod Pet Travel Carrier - Plush or Air Mesh
Bedding only for the regular-sized Sleepypod pet car seat/carrier.
Sleepypod Air Soft Dog Travel Carrier / Safety Pet Car Seat
This pet carrier has been crash tested; measures 15"l x 9.5"w x 9.5"h inside; best for pets under 15lbs.
Plush Pet Bedding for the Sleepypod Air Dog Travel Carrier
Bedding only for the Sleepypod Air pet carrier.
Car-Go Pop-Up Portable Pet Travel Shelter for Cars & SUVs - Single
Single Car-Go pet travel shelter measures 19"D x 18"W x 21"H.
Car-Go Pop-Up Pet Travel Shelter for Cars & SUVs - Double
Single Car-Go pet travel shelter measures 19"D x 36"W x 21"H.
Snoozer Lookout Safety Car Pet Booster Seat - Small
This dog booster seat is for dogs 18lbs and under. Read more sizing info:
Snoozer Lookout Safety Car Pet Booster Seat - Medium
This dog booster seat is for dogs up to 25lbs and measures 22"w x 19"l x 17"h. Read more sizing info:
Snoozer Deluxe Lookout Booster Dog Safety Car Seat - Small
This pet booster seat is for dogs 18lbs and under. Read more sizing info:
Snoozer Deluxe Lookout Booster Dog Safety Car Seat - Medium
This pet safety seat is 22"w x 19"l x 17"h for dogs 25lbs and under. Read more sizing info:
My Buddy Snoozer Safety Dog Car Booster Seat - Large
This pet car seat is for pets up to 30lbs and measures 30"w x 19"l x 17"h. Measure your car. More sizing info:
Travel Rack for Snoozer Lookout & My Buddy Pet Car Seats
Use with the Lookout or My Buddy dog safety seats.
Snoozer Safety Pet Car Seat for the Center Console - Small
The small console pet car seat exterior is 15"l x 8.5"w x 6"h. Interior is smaller. For dogs up to 7lbs.
Snoozer Dog Safety Car Seat for the Center Console - Medium
The medium console pet car seat's exterior is 19"l x 12"w x 7"h. Interior smaller. For pets up to 12lbs.
K9 Car Fence Pet Net / Dog Safety Car Seat - Original
Pet net and dog safety car seat in one! Holds up to 70lbs.
K9 Car Fence Dog Safety Car Seat / Pet Net - Deluxe
Pet net and dog safety car seat in one! Holds up to 70lbs.
Kurgo Wander Seat Cover / Pet Hammock for Car -Khaki, Black, or Grey
The Kurgo Wander pet hammock is 56" side-to-side x 60" front-to-back.
Dog Car Hammock / Pet Seat Cover from Guardian Gear - Khaki
This dog hammock for the car is 57" across (wide) x 63" front to back.
Outward Hound Car Dog Hammock / Back Pet Seat Cover - Black
Black backseat car hammock to cover the floor.
Snoozer Roll Around Dog Travel Carrier / Backpack / Stroller - Small
The small Roll-Around pet carrier is 12" x 8" when upright; 17.5" tall.
Snoozer Roll Around Pet Travel Carrier / Backpack / Stroller - Medium
The medium Roll-Around pet carrier is 14" x 11" when upright; 20 tall.
Snoozer Roll Around Travel Pet Carrier / Backpack / Stroller - Large
The large Roll-Around travel pet carrier is 15.5" x 12.25" when upright; stands 23" tall.

Please Note:  The pet travel seats do not come with the dog car harness.  They do come with a strap that connects from the car seat or the seat belt of the car to your dog's harness.  Visit the Dog Car Seat Belts page for an inexpensive but reliable dog seat belt for pet travel, which includes both a harness and a strap.

Your dog doesn't have to be uncomfortable when he rides in the car. He can be both safe and comfortable with our pet car seats. We have selected the best merchandise from a number of manufacturers in order to give you a wide variety to choose from. This way, you can find what is right for you and your dog's needs.

Many little dogs like to look out the window. But they are so darned small that in order to do so, they want to climb in your lap. This is not safe for you or for them. If you get in a car accident, even a small fender-bender, you could seriously injure your dog. Airbags are not safe for your best friend either. So why not try a booster seat? The booster seats from Kurgo provide an excellent way for your furry friend to see out the window. Plus, he can ride comfortably as well. These booster seats also have a tether that you can attach to your pet's harness so that he cannot jump or fly out.

The Snoozer car seats for dogs also come with such a tether. And they are extremely comfortable. The foam is over 2 inches thick and the covering is soft and luxurious. And you have so many color choices to choose from!

Sleepypod also has some great pet car seats. These seats are so much more versatile, though. You can carry them, put them in the car, take them on the airline, and buckle them into the car. Sleepypod is absolutely the best product for cats and small dogs. Plus, they've been crash tested.

Also consider the K9-Car Fence for larger dogs and pet car hammocks. These aren't really car seats, but they do provide a measure of safety by keeping your best friend from getting thrown onto the floor. Click on the images for more detailed information about all our pet travel merchandise.
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