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The Ruff Rider Roadie has been Independently Tested at the Commercial Test Labs in Denver

Pet Auto Safety introduces the best known dog car restraint available - the Ruff Rider Roadie. This particular harness has been on the market for nearly 20 years. Over those years, the Roadie harness has been continuously improving so that our pets can travel safe while riding in the car. Compare with other brands on our Pet Auto Safety Blog.

The Ruff Rider Roadie dog seat belts are made with the same webbing specs as used in seatbelts for people (applies to the medium, large, and extra-large sizes). The Roadie harness puts stress on the dog's chest, not his throat. It is designed not to choke your dog in a sudden stop or car accident. The Ruff Rider harness has no plastic parts and is pleated under your dog's front legs so as to reduce irritation. Roadie has had their product tested by both the Commercial Test Labs in Denver and the Allianz Insurance Crash Research Center in Germany. There were no catastrophic failures for any of the sizes in an independent crash study conducted by the Center for Pet Safety. The Roadie rated as well as the Allsafe brand and both of these brands rated just below the #1 rated harness, the ClickIt Utility.

Simply slide the Ruff Rider harness over your dog's head. Then put his front legs through the leg openings. Adjust the front and side straps to fit. Be sure that it doesn't fit too tightly. Use the two-finger rule. A dog car restraint should not be any tighter or looser than you would have your dog's collar be. Please note, the extra-small and small sizes do not adjust in the front.

The medium to extra-large sized
car pet seat belts from Roadie can
withstand 5,000 pounds of force.

To use in the back seat of the car put the seatbelt of the car through one of the two loops on the tether strap. There are two loops on the tether. One is closer to the dog and will make the tether shorter. Your dog can only sit and lie down with this shortened strap. They will not be able to stand comfortably. A short strap is ideal for safety as lessens the range which your dog could be tossed around in a car accident. The other loop opening near the end of the tether is ideal for dogs who like to move around a lot in the car. This may be a better choice for dogs that are reluctant to wear pet seat belts and will try to escape. And it allows them to sit, stand, and lie down comfortably.

Up-Close Ruff Rider Roadie Harness The Ruff Rider Roadie Harness Close-up Close up of the Ruff Rider Roadie Dog Car Harness Dog sitting while wearing a Ruff Rider Harness Dog lying down in his Ruff Rider Roadie

To use in the cargo area of the vehicle, be sure to check for proper cargo rings. Not all SUVs or vans have them. If your vehicle does have such a ring, use the carabiner clip to attach the roadie tether to the metal ring.

There are seven sizes to fit dogs from anywhere between 6 and 150 pounds. The Ruff Rider harness is adjustable so the measurements are approximate. Since the Ruff Rider is NOT designed to fit skin-tight, go up in size if your dog's rib cage measurement is close to the maximum. For example, if your dog's rib cage measures 30 inches, it would probably be best to select the Medium 2 rather than the Medium 1. A looser fit ensures your dog's comfort, especially in a sudden stop. Please note that a tighter fit will not prevent a determined dog from escaping his dog car restraint. For dogs who will try to get out of their Roadie harness, we recommend training rather than a tighter fit. A tip sheet for training is included with your order or you can check out our blog at

Please measure around your dog's rib cage to ensure the correct fit. According to our Guarantee Fit Promise, we will allow exchanges for one size up or down if you purchase the wrong size. However, the return shipping cost will not be refunded.

Feel free to call us at 785-393-2044 about the proper size for your dog.

The Ruff Rider Roadie Harness Measuring Guide

Size Rib Cage (inches) Weight (pounds)
Extra-Small 11" - 15" 7 - 12 lbs
Small 1 16" - 20" 13 - 20 lbs
Small 2 21" - 25" 21 - 35 lbs
Medium 1 26" - 30" 36 - 45 lbs
Medium 2 31" - 33" 46 - 75 lbs
Large 34" - 36" 76 - 95 lbs
Extra-Large 37"+ 96 lbs +

The Roadie dog seat belts only come in the black and yellow.

*Veterinarians contributed to the design of this product for both safety and easy use.
*Easy to put on, remove, and secure your dog in the vehicle.
*The harness and tether is one piece:
*It can be used as a short walking lead or
*Buckled on top so it is not in the way when your dog walks off-leash.

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