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Ruff Rider & AllSafe Dog Car Harnesses are a Good Alternative

Compare the Three Top Dog Car Harness Brands

July 3, 2015
You may have read a news release that claims the Clickit dog car harness is the only brand that passed crash testing. While this brand was determined to be the best and safest brand by the nonprofit organization, The Center for Pet Safety (CPS), there are a few things the news releases are not telling you.

No Catastrophic Failure
When CPS tested the Ruff Rider Roadie and the AllSafe, these harnesses did not demonstrate catastrophic failure. That is, they did not allow the dog to become a full projectile and the harness did not break. This is good news.

Why CPS Did Not Pass Ruff Rider or AllSafe
CPS states on their Harness Crashworthiness Study that the Ruff Rider and AllSafe allowed the dog to launch partially off the seat and that the harnesses allowed rotation. You can limit these aspects by keeping the tethers of the harnesses short. The ClickIt, on the other hand, is very restrictive and allows very little movement for your dog.

Why Ruff Rider and AllSafe Still Provide Safety
Not all dogs will tolerate the restriction of the ClickIt and they could be very uncomfortable wearing it. Some dogs may dislike the restriction so much that they try to fight it and hurt themselves in the process. Or they chew the harness off, defeating the entire purpose of the safety harness. Giving a dog a little extra room to move, the Ruff Rider and AllSafe can be more comfortable and therefore, more wearable.

Bonuses for Ruff Rider and AllSafe
The AllSafe dog car harness meets or exceeds European standards for safety. They have been keeping dogs safe in Europe for many years. There is some scientific dispute about whether Europe’s standards or CPS’s standards are better. Also, The AllSafe is made in Germany. The Ruff Rider is made in the USA. ClickIt is assembled in China. All three are very well made.

Based on all this information, my personal opinion is that the AllSafe, Ruff Rider, and ClickIt are of comparable value. Due to comfort, I only use the ClickIt for my dogs on short trips. But on long trips, I prefer that my dogs have the freedom to move around a little more with the other two brands. As of the date this article was written, both my dogs wear the ClickIt, but my Lab Maya also wears the AllSafe and my Aussie mix Pierson also wears the Roadie.

If your dog doesn’t move around a lot in the car, the ClickIt is probably the best option. But if you have a restless dog like my Lab Maya, consider the AllSafe or Roadie. And check out this pdf to compare all our dog car harness brands for more detailed information on the differences.

Dawn Ross
Owner of PetAutoSafety since 2006

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