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Ruff Rider Roadie Harness Pet Seat Belt & Tether - X-Small

Ruff Rider Roadie Harness Pet Seat Belt & Tether - X-Small

Ruff Rider Roadie Harness Pet Seat Belt & Tether - X-Small
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Protect your Pets in the Car with Safety Tested Dog Deat Belts from Ruff Rider

*The above photo is of a larger sized dog. Please measure your dog to make sure the X-Small is the right size for your little loved one.

Want to keep your beloved pet safe in the car? Consider the best known pet seat belt on the market from Roadie. The Ruff Rider Roadie harness has been around for nearly 20 years. One reason they've been around so long is because they care about animals. Their product has been independently tested by two different entities that both specialize in vehicle safety.

The Roadie Harness Pet Seat Belt is Crash Tested and Made in the USA

Who tested these dog seat belts from Ruff Rider? Their original design was tested by the Commercial Test Labs in Denver. Their new and improved design was tested by the Allianz Insurance Crash Research Center in Germany. The Roadie harness was designed with input from a veterinary orthopedic surgeon. As per recommendations, these dog seat belts put stress on the dog's chest rather than his throat. This means no choking. Also, the Roadie harness has no plastic parts. And the straps under your dog's front legs are pleated in order to reduce rubbing irritation.

The Roadie harness is easy to put on, take off, and use in the vehicle. Check out this instructional Roadie Harness video to see just how simple it is.

Use this pet seat belt in the back seat of your car* or in the cargo area.**
* Unless the front seat passenger-side airbags can be disabled, we strongly recommend your pet ride in the back seat. Front airbags are not designed for animals and can cause serious injury or even death in a car accident.
** The Ruff Rider can be used in the cargo area of an SUV or van only if there is a metal cargo ring already built into the vehicle. Just attach the Roadie tether to the metal cargo ring with a carabiner. 

The X-Small is great for dogs with a chest size (called girth) of between 11" and 15". Use the guide below to measure your dog. If your dog's girth is right at 15", we recommend using the Small 1 instead so this pet seat belt doesn't fit too tightly. A tight fit will not prevent a determined dog from escaping the harness. If you think your dog will struggle against the harness, consider the safer alternative of training. We have some great tips on our dog safety blog.

Ruff Rider Roadie Harness Measuring Guide

X-Small:  Chest/Girth 11" – 15" / 7 - 12 pounds

Now in new colors!!!
Black and gold
Black and red
Scuba blue
Scuba blue with pink

While the dog seat belts from Roadie are specifically designed for use in the car, they can be used for walking as well. The tether is short but long enough for easy walking. If your dog walks off-leash, the tether can be rolled up and buckled on the back so that it is not in the way.

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