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We Have a Wide Selection of Dog Travel Accessories for Your Pet

Review all our other pet travel products below, or narrow your search down to products that keep your pet cool (such as cooling dog collars, cool mats, and pet travel bowls). Also look for natural cat and dog anxiety treatments for excited pets or pets that get car sick, car seat extenders to give your dog more room in the back seat, pet cargo liners to protect your cargo area, door guards, pet waste bags, kennel straps to secure your pet crate, treat bags, dog first aid kits, and a dog towel for the car.

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Portable Pet Travel Flat Seat for Back Seats of Cars/SUV - AdjustablePortable Pet Travel Flat Seat for Back Seats of Cars/SUV - Adjustable
1/4 inch thick, 48" side-to-side,
adjusts from 24-33 inches front-to-back.
Pet Dek - Back Seat Floor Cover for CarsPet Dek - Back Seat Floor Cover for Cars
The Pet Dek is 23" x 48" x 2".
Be sure to consider back seat curvature when measuring.
Breeze Guard Car Window Screens / Wire Mesh Barrier - Set of TwoBreeze Guard Car Window Screens / Wire Mesh Barrier - Set of Two
Custom made screens for your car windows.
Roll Mat - SUV Cargo Area Vehicle Accessory for DogsRoll Mat - SUV Cargo Area Vehicle Accessory for Dogs
Cargo Area Roll Mat - 16.9" x 21.13"
Variogate Safety Pet Door for SUV Cargo AreaVariogate Safety Pet Door for SUV Cargo Area
The Variogate safety gate fits most hatchbacks and SUVs.
Short Divider for Variogate Pet Safety DoorShort Divider for Variogate Pet Safety Door
Short Variogate divider adjusts 29.52" - 39.37".
Long Divider for Variogate Safety DoorLong Divider for Variogate Safety Door
Long Variogate divider adjusts 37.4" - 51.18".

Do you have a dog that gets car sick? Try our dog motion sickness remedies. Do you want to protect the interior of your vehicle? Consider a dog car door guard. How can you keep your pet from putting his head out the window? Use a dog car window screen. Our other pet travel supplies include a backseat bridge to cover the floor, dog poop bags, and more.

We Have the Accessories Available for Everything Dog, Car, Travel, and Safety

The kennel straps restraint system helps to keep your pet travel crate secure. The dog car door protector protects your vehicle's interior from doggie drool and muddy paws. A pet cooling mat helps keep your dog comfortable on long summer road trips. The backseat bridge covers the floor of the back seat so that your best friend doesn't get thrown onto the floor in a sudden stop. Use dog waste bags when making pit stops on your road trip.

Find the dog travel accessory that works best for you with a wide selection of supplies from

Our selection of other pet car travel accessories keeps getting larger and larger. Just look at all this stuff that you can use to make traveling with your best friend easier! The Backseat Bridge from Kurgo is our favorite. Give a big dog more room and keep all pets from getting tossed onto the floor. The Kurgo car door guards are also great products. They help keep your dog from putting his muddy paws on your upholstery so that you can keep your vehicle looking (and smelling) brand new.

Our pet anxiety remedies are also great products for travelers. Do you have a dog that is nervous about riding in the car? One that gets car sick? Or one that goes absolutely crazy in the car because they are so excited? The Thundershirt is great for nervous pets. We even have them for cats, because we know cats hate riding in the car. Our calming medication helps for crazy dogs. And our Travel Calm misting spray is great for all three situations.

Did you see our BreezeGuard car window screens? These are great for allowing your dog to get a breeze without allowing him to put his head out the window. Did you know it was dangerous to allow your dog to do that? He could get choked if you have to make a sudden stop. He could get tossed out in an emergency maneuver or car accident. Or he could jump out while your car is moving because he sees something he wants to chase. The BreezeGuards keep him from doing all those things, yet he can still enjoy the fresh breeze.

Don't forget to get some dog waste bags for when you travel. No matter where you go with your dog, you want to make sure you pick up after him. We want our dogs to be allowed to go to more places, right? The only way business and travel locations will allow it is if we are responsible.

Other travel accessories include a treat pouch, the Kurgo towel, and cooling mats. Who knows, we might add more stuff later!
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