Pet Travel Carriers

Secure Your Dog in a Portable Pet Travel Carrier or Crate to Keep Him Safe

A dog seat belt is not the only safe way for your best friend to travel in the car. Consider a portable dog crate. We have a wide selection of small to extra-large dog plastic crates, dog backpack carriers from Snoozer, and some small pet travel carriers from Sleepypod, which are crash tested and perfect for small pets like puppies and kittens or small dogs or cats. Most of these can be secured in your car with car carrier straps or kennel restraints.

Prevent your dog from being a distraction by having him ride in a secured dog car crate

Crate training helps to alleviate many behavior issues. And not just at home. Crate train your dog at home, then help him ride more securely in the car in a portable dog travel carrier. Some of our pet crates can be buckled into the car with the seat belt, some need kennel straps to secure them in, and larger kennels can ride in the cargo area of your SUV. By securing your furry friend in one of these, you are helping to protect his safety and keeping him from being a distraction.

Select a sturdy plastic dog crate, a soft crash tested sleepypod portable pet carrier, or a carrier that can also be used as a backpack

Narrow your search by choosing a SmallMedium, or Large pet carrier.

Sleepypod Soft Pet Travel Carrier / Dog Safety Car Seat
This crash tested pet carrier has a 15" inside diameter; best for pets under 12.5lbs.
Dog Bedding for SleepyPod Pet Travel Carrier - Plush or Air Mesh
Bedding only for the regular-sized Sleepypod pet car seat/carrier.
Sleepypod Air Soft Dog Travel Carrier / Safety Pet Car Seat
This pet carrier has been crash tested; measures 15"l x 9.5"w x 9.5"h inside; best for pets under 15lbs.
Plush Pet Bedding for the Sleepypod Air Dog Travel Carrier
Bedding only for the Sleepypod Air pet carrier.
Carry-Me Small Dog Carrier / Portable Pet Travel Crate - Kiwi
The small Carry-Me dog carrier measures 19.75"l x 13"w x 12"h.
Carry-Me Small Pet Carrier / Portable Dog Travel Crate - Bluebell
This small blue pet crate measures 19.75"l x 13"w x 12"h.
Carry-Me Junior Pet Travel Carrier / Portable Dog Crate - Kiwi
The junior sized dog carrier measures 23"l x 15.5"w x 13.75"h.
Sportsman's Choice Small Dog Crate / Pet Travel Carrier for the Car
This pet crate meausres 12"l x 12"w x 12"h.
Sportsman's Choice Dog Travel Carrier / Portable Pet Car Crate - Junior
The junior size pet carrier is 24"l x 16"w x 14"h.
Sportsman's Choice Dog Travel Crate / Portable Pet Carrier - Medium
The intermediate sized pet carrier measures 28"l x 21"w x 22"h.
Sportsman's Choice Large Dog Crate / Pet Travel Carrier
The large dog carrier measures 36"l x 26"w x 28"h.
Sportsman's Choice Extra Large Dog Crate / Pet Travel Carrier
The x-large dog kennel measures 40"l x 27"w x 30"h.
Protective Brand Small Dog Carrier / Portable Travel Crate
The small pet carrier measures 20”l x 12”w x 12”h.
Protective Brand Junior Pet Travel Carrier / Portable Dog Crate
This pet carrier is 24"l x 16"w x 14"h.
Protective Brand Medium Dog Car Crate / Portable Pet Travel Carrier
The intermediate size dog crate is 28"l x 21"w x 22"h.
Protective Brand Large Pet Carrier / Dog Travel Crate
The large dog carrier measures 36"l x 26"w x 28"h.
Protective Brand Extra Large Dog Carrier / Pet Travel Crate
The extra-large pet crate is 40"l x 27"w x 30"h.
Snoozer Roll Around Dog Travel Carrier / Backpack / Stroller - Small
The small Roll-Around pet carrier is 12" x 8" when upright; 17.5" tall.
Snoozer Roll Around Pet Travel Carrier / Backpack / Stroller - Medium
The medium Roll-Around pet carrier is 14" x 11" when upright; 20 tall.
Snoozer Roll Around Travel Pet Carrier / Backpack / Stroller - Large
The large Roll-Around travel pet carrier is 15.5" x 12.25" when upright; stands 23" tall.
Having your pet ride in a pet travel crate may provide as much protection as a dog seat belt, especially if that crate is secured. What do we mean by secured? For wire crates, we suggest they be bolted down or strapped in some way. For plastic carriers, we have kennel restraints that can be used with the seat belt of your vehicle. Otherwise, secure by bolting it in the cargo area or securing with straps. By securing the pet carrier, your dog will not get tossed around the car. The carrier stays in one place. We have many dog car crates. The plastic ones are from Sportsman's Choice, Protective, and Carry-Me. The Carry-Me crates allow you to use the seat belt of your car to secure them in. The other two brands need kennel restraints.

Another brand of pet travel carriers we provide are from Sleepypod. These are for smaller dogs and also for cats. They are probably one of the best ways for your small pet to travel. The Sleepypod is soft and provides a cushioning resistance in a sudden stop or car accident. It can be secured in your vehicle with the safety belt. And it has been crash tested.

Also available are the Roll-Around travel carriers. These are like rolling suitcases, except the provide plenty of ventilation for your small pet. Like the Sleepypod brand, they can be secured in the car, are portable, and can be used on an airline. Click on the images above for more detailed information on each product.
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