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Want to learn more about pet auto safety and other pet information?
Pet Auto Safety was recently established in 2006 and was created in dedication to pet owners. Our purpose is to inform you of the need for pet auto safety restraints and to provide you with easy access to pet travel supplies. Information will be provided through our monthly articles and newsletters. Please peruse our articles and feel free to sign up for a monthly newsletter. You can also check out our Blog at If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at

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Crash Tested Products for Ultimate SafetyThis article covers the top choices for pet car safety. There are only a handful of crash tested products for pets on the market today and we know all about them.
How to Make Your Dog Comfortable for Car TravelIs your dog too big and your car too small? Does your dog get car sick? Or do you just want to make a long road trip more bearable for him? Check out this article for some great tips.
How to Keep Your Dog from Distracting You When You DriveTraining your dog to ride in in the car without distracting you can take time, which means your dog can be a distraction during this training phase. The best way to keep your dog from distracting you when you drive is with one of the various products out on the market today - ranging from the very inexpensive to very expensive crash tested products.
Pet Auto Safety Tips - Using Pet Restraints to Keep Your Dog Safe
Traveling With Your Pet - Road Trip Tips
Seven Reasons Your Pet Should Wear a Dog Car Seat Belt
US Laws Regarding Dogs in CarsCan you leave your dog alone in the car? Can he sit in your lap when you drive? Does he have to ride in a crate or wear a seat belt? This article answers all your questions.
A Dog Hanging His Head out the Car Window Could Be in DangerInertia could throw your dog out the car window or your dog might jump out if he sees something that makes him react instinctively. Or your dog could get hit by flying road debris. Consider car window screens.
Safety and Training Tips for Taking Your Dog for a Ride in the Car
Pet Owner’s Guide to Public Etiquette
Safety Tips for an Outdoor Trip with Your DogGoing camping or hiking with your dog? Consider things like wild animals, poisonous plants, treacherous trails, and more.
Checklist for Taking a Road Trip with Your DogIf your planning on takeing a road trip with your dog, this article provides some great tips and a checklist so that you and your dog can travel worry free.
Summer Traveling With My Dog
Safety Reasons as to Why Your Dog Should Wear a Dog Car Harness
Alternatives to Dog Seat Belts and Pet CarriersIf your dog won't wear a car harness or ride in a crate, there are some pet travel options available. A few have even been crash tested. Find out more.
General Places To Take My Dogs This Spring
Traveling with Your Dog in the Car this Holiday Season?
Traveling with Pets - AAA National
How to Travel with a Dog in a CarDog car travel with a car sick pet, scared pet, or hyper pet can be made easier. Three important approaches to help in traveling with a dog in the car includes dog training, natural remedies, and using dog travel supplies such as a canine car harness.
Traveling in the Car with Cats and Small DogsWhen traveling in the car with cats and small dogs, it helps to have them ride in a pet carrier and to get them used to riding in the vehicle. Use a pet travel crate that can be strapped in the vehicle with the seat belt or kennel restraints. Also, try travel remedies, such as the Thundershirt, and practice riding in the car by taking your pet on short trips.
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Also, check out thes great article from Newsweek about pets being good for your health: (clicking this link will send you to Newsweeks website)

What's wrong with this picture?

What's wrong with this picture?

Lola's not wearing her pet auto seat belt!
Lola's not wearing her pet auto seat belt!

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