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The Pet Buckle Car Restraint for Dogs

Pet Buckle brand dog car harnesses are no longer available.

Pet Buckle Car Seat Belts for Dogs were Tested by the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation (CAPE)

Seat belts for people save lives so a canine seat belt can also help protect your dog's life. But dog restraints for cars not only protect your pet, they protect people in the car as well. For one, your dog can be prevented from turning into a harmful projectile. Also, if your pet is utilizing his dog car seatbelt, he would not distract the driver. Other reasons to restrain your pet include helping to prevent your pet from flying and colliding with the dashboard or getting thrown onto the floor, keeping him from being able to stick his head out the window (a fun but potentially harmful activity which might result in your pet being injured with flying debris from the road or being choked in an abrupt halt), preventing him from having the ability to jump out the window, and in case you get into an auto crash your dog possibly preventing him from escaping the vehicle and being less difficult to handle by emergency personnel.

The safety belt of your car goes through the loop on the back.

Pet Buckle Loop System 

Secure your treasured pet
for his and your safety with
the Pet Buckle dog travel harness.

Unbuckle the sides. There will be one opening. Slide this over your dog's head so that the diamond piece is on your dog's chest and the piece with the loop is on your dog's back. Take the two hanging straps from under your dog's chest, around your dog's chest behind his front legs, and buckle into the two corresponding buckles on your dog's back.

Carrie with AllThingsDogBlog has the large Pet Buckle dog safety vehicle harness for her dog Tanner. A quote from her article:

"... the buckles are as strong and secure as our human seatbelt buckles are. That loud click sent me a clear message: Tanner will be safe in this seatbelt. I liked that."

Tanner in his Pet Buckle Dog Seatbelt

Photo courtesy of AllThingsDogBlog.

Bark-Buckle UP is an independent consultant and safety adviser, providing unbiased product reviews. Their dog car safety belt review of the Pet Buckle says it is "One of the easiest harnesses to put on, adjust, and remove.", "Features automotive quality buckles, latches and adjusters.", "Will not choke or cinch the dog's abdomen area." Visit Bark-Buckle UP to read more.

Not every dog car safety belt review is positive. Some people found that if their dog moved around too much, their dog got tangled or twisted in the tether or safety belt of the car. Some dogs could also slip out of the harness. Another complaint has been the plastic diamond chest piece slips. However, Pet Buckle has assured us that this design flaw has been corrected.

This product only comes in black.

Small – for dogs under 20lbs with a girth between 12 and 18 inches.

Check out our comparison chart for dog seat belts.

Pet Buckle has had their seat belts for dogs crash tested through the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation (CAPE). Check out the crash test video*Pet Buckle has not released the details of their testing. However, the Center for Pet Safety, a nonprofit organization, conducted an independent review and found that the harnesses broke in their crash tests. These results indicate that this brand is best for preventing your dog from distracting the driver or for keeping him secure for sudden stops or swerving, but may not hold up in an actual car accident.

Your dog probably won't be able to stand or move around much. However, for ultimate safety, you don't want your dog to move around much. Imagine getting into a car accident. The less your dog can get tossed about, the fewer injuries he is likely to sustain. But if your dog likes to move around a lot, weigh the risks with your dog's comfort.

If a dog tries hard enough, he can get out of any dog car seatbelt. The only way you can prevent it is to get your dog used to wearing one so that he won't try. Check out this article, "How to Get Your Dog Used to a Dog Car Harness" on our Pet Auto Safety Blog. We also enclose a tip sheet with your purchase.

Cell phones are not the only distractions. With dog car harnesses, your dog won't distract the driver. Your pet will remain in the back. Dog restraints for cars can also help to prevent your dog from turning into a dangerous projectile in a car crash. Take into account how much your dog weighs, then consider how fast you usually travel. Multiply the two numbers. This is how many pounds of pressure your dog could inflict on other people if he isn't restraint. So, if your dog weighs 15 lbs and you are driving 30 mph it will be similar to being hit with 450 lbs. Most seat belts for dogs are designed to hold up against at least 2,000 lbs or more of impact force.

Another thing to take into account for dogs caught up in an auto crash that were not restrained... What if your pet survives but escapes from the vehicle? Consider how scared your dog will be if your vehicle spins out of control, hits another car or object, or rolls over. His first instinct will be to flee the situation, even if he is hurt. If there is an open window or other means of escape, your pet will try to use it. Then he will run. He might get into the road or he might run into the trees and get hopelessly lost. This takes place more often than you think. If your dog is restrained, his odds for survival are multiplied exponentially.  Not only may he not be able to get out, but he may be less difficult for emergency personnel to attend to his medical needs.

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