Pet Car Barriers

Dog Gate for the Car and Pet SUV Barrier to Keep Your Dog in the Back Seat

Does your dog try to get in the front seat? Or does he stand on the center console while you drive? There are several pet safety supplies available to help. If your furry friend won't tolerate the safety of a dog seat belt or pet crate, consider a pet car barrier instead. Keeping your best friend in the back area of the vehicle helps keep him from distracting the driver. And some dog car barriers can help to keep your pet from flying through the front windshield in the event of an auto accident.

Minimize driver distractions by keeping your four-legged friend in the back seat with a pet vehicle barrier

There are many different kinds of barriers. Pet auto barriers made of sturdy material can cover the console area between seats. This is best for medium to small sized dogs since larger dogs may be able to jump over it. A pet net is a dog barrier for cars or SUVs and it has more coverage to help keep bigger pets in the back. A metal dog car gate will fit in an SUV and may provide the most coverage.

Find which dog car gate works best for your pet and vehicle with a wide selection of products from

Narrow your search by looking for Cloth barriers, Pet Nets, or Metal Dog Car Barriers

The Pet Net Brand Safety Barrier for Cars & SUVs - Standard Size
This pet auto barrier measures 47"W x 24"H. Read more sizing info:
The Pet Net Brand Vehicle Safety Barrier for Cars & SUVs - Large Size
This safety dog car barrier measures 47"W x 34"H. Read more sizing info:
Kurgo SUV and Car Pet Barrier / Back Seat Divider Made from Cloth
An extra tall canvas dog car gate to help keep your dog in the back seat.
Breeze Guard Car Window Screens / Wire Mesh Barrier - Set of Two
Custom made screens for your car windows.
K9 Car Fence Pet Net / Dog Safety Car Seat - Original
Pet net and dog safety car seat in one! Holds up to 70lbs.
K9 Car Fence Dog Safety Car Seat / Pet Net - Deluxe
Pet net and dog safety car seat in one! Holds up to 70lbs.
Dog Barrier for Cars & SUVs - Steel Pet Divider from Guardian Gear
The SUV pet car barrier adjusts from 35"-61" wide and 26"-44" tall.
Some dogs just won't wear a dog seat belt or ride in a pet travel crate. But you need something to keep your best friend in the back seat so that he doesn't distract the driver. Consider a pet car barrier. The metal barriers are great in an SUV. But if you have a car, don't despair. We also have pet car nets and durable canvas cloth barriers. These cloth barriers also work great to keep your dog from standing on the center console. The one from Outward Hound is the simplest divider. The one from Bergen is another step up and allows your dog to see up front. These two, however, are not very tall and a large dog could probably climb over them. The one from Kurgo is the best and the tallest. Its canvas material is the most durable and it has an extension so that it goes higher up. The pet net provides the most coverage, though. It goes even higher than the cloth barriers and allows for more visibility. Check out each of our products by clicking their image above for more details.
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