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Welcome the Improved Kurgo Car Seatbelts for Dogs with Steel Buckles

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It stands to reason that if safety belts for people save lives, a seat belt harness for dogs can also protect your dog's life. A pet travel harness may help prevent your dog from flying into the dash and hurting his sensitive nose or getting thrown onto the floor and breaking a leg. Your dog also won't be able to put his head out the window either. I know he might enjoy it, but consider the danger of your dog getting hit in the eyes or nose with road debris or of being choked in a sudden stop. Another way a dog seat belt might protect your dog is after a car accident. After an accident, your pet will be terrified and will most likely try to run away. Such a harness may also protect people in the vehicle too by helping to prevent your pet from distracting the driver or becoming a dangerous projectile in an auto accident.

Keeping your pet secured helps to reduce driver distractions,
keep your dog from getting thrown into you or out the windshield,
keep your dog onscene after an accident so that he doesn't run away.

This particular dog car restraint from Kurgo has two parts - the padded harness part and the loop tether. The safety belt of your car goes through the loop tether to secure your dog in. Please note, this loop tether restricts your dog's movement. This can be beneficial since it helps keep your dog from getting tossed around as much if you were in a car crash. But if your dog insists on trying to move around, he could get tangled in the loop tether. Consider your dog's personality in the car before purchasing this product. If you like the style and safety features of the Kurgo canine seatbelt but not the loop tether, you can buy a separate replacement tether, which works differently than the loop tether and helps prevent tangling.

Sephi Wearing the Kurgo Dog Car Restraint

First, undo the steel nesting buckles (C). Place the upper straps (F and enclosed circular area) around your pet's neck so that the D-ring (A) is at the top back part of your dog's neck. Make sure the chest piece (E) fits your dog's chest by adjusting the upper straps (F). Take the two lower straps (D) from under your dog's chest, wrap around his chest behind his front legs, and fasten the nesting buckles (C) on both sides. Adjust the lower straps (D). Attach leash or tether (B) to the D-ring (A). More detailed instructions with pictures are enclosed with your purchase of the Kurgo seat belt harness for dogs.

Instructions for the Kurgo Dog Car Harness

- Megan posted on Kurgo's site June 26th, 2012: "I definitely prefer the nesting buckles over the plastic buckles. I feel like my dog is a little more secure and won't break through them. He pulls alot on his harness so that was always a fear on walks was he would break the plastic buckles. That fear is now GONE! Thanks for a great product Kurgo!!"
- Sue posted on Amazon on May 20, 2009: "This is a substantial car harness that is easy to fit, put on and take off. My Australian Shepherd cannot wiggle around and slither out of this harness as he could in another type of car harness. He's a world class slitherer so it's saying something when he can't wiggle out it!"

Negative reviews: Some people think these pet car seat belts are easy to put on, others think they are hard. The ease/difficulty in putting on the Kurgo is comparable to other seatbelts for dogs. Others have complained of tangling. If your dog likes to move around a lot in the car, he could get tangled in the Kurgo tether. See the "How it Works" section above. Other negative reviews have to do with the the older version which used plastic buckles. Please note that these reviews were before Kurgo replaced the plastic buckles with the metal nesting buckles. Additional safety testing has also been completed since that time.

The new Go-Tech Adventure has mostly positive reviews with some negative regarding the inability to adjust the neck size and the neck size being too big. Also, the Go-Tech uses the same looped tether so it still has negative reviews regarding tangling for dogs that like to move around a lot in the car. Check out this full review on our blog - Go-Tech Adventure Review.

If you have purchased the Kurgo canine seatbelt, whether it be from us or not, please email us at with your opinion.

The Kurgo Tru-Fit dog car safety belts come in black with orange trim. The Kurgo Go-Tech Adventure harness comes in blue or dark raspberry.

X-Small:    Neck 9" – 13", Chest 12" – 18" for 5lb – 10lb dogs

Small:        Neck 12" – 20", Chest 16" – 21" for 10lb – 25lb dogs
Medium:    Neck 16" – 25", Chest 18" – 25" for 25lb – 50lb dogs
Large:        Neck 18" – 30", Chest 24" – 34" for 50lb – 80lb dogs
X-Large:    Neck 24" – 35", Chest 28" – 44" for 80+lb dogs

The Kurgo pet travel harness is nearly comparable to the Bergan Pet Buckle in regards to safety testing. It is the least expensive of our tested brands. Unlike the Pet Buckle brand, it has padding. It is not as well-padded as the Bergan brand, however. The other brands use a long tether to secure the dog. This long tether allows the dog to move around more and prevents tangling. Kurgo, on the other hand, uses a loop tether. Your dog is more secure with the loop tether but he can get tangled if he moves around too much.

For more detailed information on the difference between our various pet car seat belts, read our article, "Compare the Dog Seat Belt Brands".

Yes. Initially, Kurgo had only strength tested and verified their harnesses could withstand up to 2,000 pounds of pressure. However, they have since improved their product to have steel buckles instead of plastic and further tested their products. The steel buckles are designed from the same types of buckles used by rock climbers. The three safety tests used are tensile strength testing, dynamic testing using a static line test, and crash testing using a sled test. These tests were completed through the New Hampshire Materials Laboratory, Inc. They can now withstand 2,250 pounds of pressure. Be sure to check out their crash tested video below.

The Center for Pet Safety conducted an independent crash test of the Kurgo Tru-Fit. Their findings indicate that the harness broke at the 25lb 30mph level and the 75lb 30mph level. The harness remained in tact at the 45lb 30mph level. This indicates that the Tru-Fit smalls and extra large sizes are less likely to keep your dog from becoming a projectile in a car accident. They are better served to keep your dog from being a distraction and may also provide some protection in minor incidents such as braking and swerving.

Our dog Maya has worn the Kurgo dog car restraint. She loves trying out new products, especially Kurgo products.

Maya Wearing a Kurgo Dog Car Harness

Yes to sitting and lying down. Because the loop tether is more restricting, it may be more difficult for your dog to stand.

Some dogs won't like wearing this harness. But you can help them get used to it. Check out this article, "How to Get Your Dog Used to a Dog Seat Belt" on our Pet Auto Safety Blog. We also enclose a tip sheet with your purchase.

Distractions are not just caused by cell phones. With a dog harness for cars, your pet won't be able to bother the driver. Your pet will be more likely to remain in the back, even in an automobile crash. Seatbelts for dogs also help prevent your pet from becoming a dangerous projectile in an accident. Take into account how much your pet weighs, then consider how fast you usually drive. Multipy the two numbers. This is how many pounds of pressure your dog could cause to other passengers if he is unrestrained. So, if your dog weighs 15 lbs and you are driving 30 miles per hour it is going to be like being hit with 450 lbs. Most vehicle restraints for dogs are made to hold up against at least 2,000 lbs or more of impact force.

Something else to bear in mind for pets caught up in an auto collision that were not restrained... What if your dog survives but flees from the car? Consider how frightened your pet will be if your car spins out of control, smashes into another vehicle or object, or rolls over. His first instinct is going to be to get away from the occurrence, even if he's hurt. If a window is open or broken or there is another way to get out, your dog will try to use it. Then he will run. He might get into the street or he might take off into the trees and be forever lost. This takes place so often. If your pet is restrained in a pet travel harness, his chances for survival increase considerably. Not only will he be less likely to escape, but he may be easier for emergency personnel to assist.

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