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Traveling with Your Dog in the Car this Holiday Season?

Tips for Long Distance Car Travel with Your Dog

The Holiday Season is here and it’s time to visit family. Some of you have family close by while others may have to drive a few to several hours. For those of you who have to go a long distance, you will probably want to take your pets with you. Your pet is part of the family, after all. So if you are traveling with your dog in the car for a long drive, here are a few tips to make the travel easier and safer for you both.

Some dogs love to ride in the car while others don’t. Before traveling with him, check with your vet. Make sure he is healthy enough for the trip or if it would be best to leave him at home or with a boarding kennel. Or your vet may recommend something to keep him calm during the trip if he tends to get nervous in the car.

Also have your vet make sure your pet has updated tags and possibly even an identifying microchip insert. This is for just in case your pet gets away during a pit stop or wanders off while you are at your far-from-home destination.

Depending on how long you are traveling, you may want to have his food and water handy. Convenient pet travel bowls would make it easy to give your dog food and water while making a pit stop. If your furry pal tends to get sick in the car, you may not want to give them food. Be sure to talk to your vet about this.

Be prepared to make pit stops for not just you, but also your dog. You do not want a doggie accident in the car. If you are afraid such a thing might happen, it would be best if you had a pet car seat cover or even just a blanket over the seat. Handi-wipes are great for cleaning up messes and eliminating some odors. Make sure you put your dog on a leash when you let him out of the car. Also, keep some doggie waste bags on hand. Picking up after your pet is not just a courtesy, it is a requirement in some places.

Consider the Safety of Your Pet in the Car

The most important thing to consider for traveling with your furry best friend in the car is a pet auto safety device such as a dog seat belt. The last thing you need while driving possibly wet or icy roads is a distraction caused by your pet. Some dogs are inclined to jump back and forth from the front to the back seat or they attempt to get into the driver’s lap. A pet seat belt will help to keep him in the back seat. Even if he is well behaved in the car, a travel harness will help to protect him if an unfortunate accident occurs. If your pet is 30 pounds or smaller and the trip is long, you may also consider using a comfortable pet car seat in conjunction with a harness.

Emma King Charles Spaniel in Lookout Pet Car Seat

If you have a chance, take your furry friend on smaller trips to get him used to riding in the car or wearing his safety harness. Traveling with your dog in the car does not have to be a hassle. And don’t forget to pack all the things both you and he will need during the family visit. Besides all the items listed above (current tags, food and water, dog travel bowls, doggie poo bags, dog seat belt, and leash), you may also want to bring your pet’s travel crate, his bed, and his favorite dog toys. This way, he feels a little more at home and has as great of a time as you. Have a safe and wonderful holiday!

Remember to bring travel bowls,
leashes, poo bags, and a car harness
for your dog on your trip.

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