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Stay Cool Pet Collars

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There is not many left of these so we're not sure how much longer they will last. Most of our stay cool dog collars are hand crafted right here in Lawrence, Kansas USA. But our friends that made them are no longer in business. Difficult economic times. So we won't be able to get any more unless someone else can make them for us. You can make them yourselves too. Find small square icepacks with water in them. Make sure it is water so that if your dog breaks one he won't be tasting something harmful. Then sew up the material, leaving an opening for the ice pack. You don't want to close up this opening because you want to be able to take the ice pack out so you can wash the dog collar. We also have a couple of Outward Hound cooling bandanas left. Check out all our dog collars by clicking their image above.

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