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Safety Reasons as to Why Your Dog Should Wear a Dog Car Harness

My Dog Maya Wearing Kurgo Dog Seat Belt
A Dog Car Harness Provides Safety in a Number of Ways

I really love my dogs and I’m sure you love yours. And if you are anything like me, you like to take them with you when you travel, whether it be to the park, the pet store, or to visit family or friends. Or maybe you want to take your furry best friend with you but he just won’t behave in the car. Well, there is a great solution that not only helps to keep your dog from distracting you while you drive, but also helps to keep him safe should someone or something cause you to get into an auto accident.

Seat belts for dogs are becoming more and more common. You can get them at pet stores or online. Even regular department stores are starting to carry them. And a canine car harness can be relatively inexpensive. My eldest dog Sephi had always worn one. Now I have two other dogs who also wear one. I absolutely love their pet safety belts. I feel so much safer on the road with all of us wearing a restraint. I not only feel better for them, but for myself as well.

My eldest dog, Sephi, had ten years of experience riding in the car. And there have been a few times when I have had to stop quickly or swerve suddenly. Because she was wearing her seat belt, she did not fly forward and land on the floor or hit her nose on the back of the front seat. I recently heard from a friend of mine that her dog had to have surgery on his foot because of a sudden stop that sent him crashing to the floor of the car. Needless to say, my friend’s dog now wears a car harness.

A few years ago I got a new puppy named Maya. Like most puppies, she was full of energy. And because she was a puppy, we have had to make lots of visits to the vet for booster shots and other puppy issues. I can’t imagine being able to safely drive her to the vet if she wasn’t secured. She would be trying to lick me or climb all over me while I was driving. If you think cell phones are a distraction, a cute puppy is even more so.

Without a Car Harness, My Dog Maya Would Be a Huge Distraction

Imagine if you and a passenger were in a major wreck where your dog was sitting in the back seat without a restraint. No matter how small or how big the dog is, he could fly forward with tremendous impact. And if he is directly behind you or the passenger, imagine what he could do. The impact could kill not only the dog, but you or the passenger as well.

A car harness is not the only safety product out there that can help protect you and your furry best friend. There are also pet car barriers for vans and SUVs. These dog vehicle barriers keep your furry friend in the back of the vehicle. Should you stop suddenly, he may fly forward, but he won’t hit you and he won’t get thrown out the front windshield. Smaller dogs can use pet car seats. Most car seats for dogs have restraints like seat belts and they also provide your little pal with comfort. And finally, you can always keep your small dog in a travel crate. There are products out there that can keep the carrier secure in the back.

Dog Car Barrier Keeps Pets in Back Seat

Pets can still enjoy a car ride when they wear a safety harness. Both my dogs get so excited when I put the harnesses on. So keep everyone in the vehicle safe while traveling.

Seat belts and other safety restraints
are a great idea for every passenger.

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