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Dog Travel Bowls

A Collapsible Portable Dog Bowl for Food & Water is Perfect for Pet Travel

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All photos except the Kurgo Collaps-a-Bowl are manufacturer photos. The Kurgo collapsible dog bowl photo is our photo of our dog Pierson. This photo is protected by copyright and cannot be reused without permission.

Keep your dog fresh and cool in the car and outdoors. We have a very large selection of portable dog bowls available. The brands include Outward Hound, Kurgo, Handi-Drink, Guardian Gear, and Kurgo. Outward Hound has the most color options. They are easy to fold and put in your pocket when not in use. Guardian Gear is the least expensive and it folds very nicely into a little pouch. The Kurgo Zippy Bowl also folds nicely and it is made from more durable material. The Handi-Drink is very different from the others in that it is a water bottle and a dog water dish. It hangs easily from your belt loop. The Kurgo collapsible dog bowl is also a little different than the others. Rather than folding, it collapses into a flat shape. It might not be able to fit in your pocket but it fits very nicely in a backpack or pouch.

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