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Pet Cargo Liners

Pet Cargo Liners from Kurgo and Snoozer Protect your SUV from Your Dog

Imagine taking your dog to his favorite swimming hole. When he is done, he tramps along the water's edge and makes a muddy mess of himself. You don't want him to mess up your vehicle so what do you do? If you have a dog cargo cover in the back of your SUV, you will have no worries. Pet cargo liners are a great way to protect your vehicle's interior from dog hair, scratches from pet nails, and muddy paw prints.

The Snoozer Pet Cargo Liner Provide Comfort for Your Dog and Protecting for Your Vehicle

The Snoozer cargo pet liner has an additional feature in that its 2" padded interior gives your best friend a comfortable place to rest. It is 36" deep x 40" across and expands to 42" deep x 52" across with the 6" bolsters on three sides. These bolsters also help to prevent pet hair from going beyond the edges. The cover is removable and washable.

The Kurgo SUV dog cargo cover is not padded. But it is waterproof and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It also hangs from the back headrests and has a zipper down the middle so that you can choose to have one seat folded down. Click the product image below for more information.

Buy a dog cargo cover from PetAutoSafety.com to keep your SUV free of pet hair and muddy paw prints.

Kurgo Cargo Cape / Cover - Pet Cargo Liner for SUVsKurgo Cargo Cape / Cover - Pet Cargo Liner for SUVs
This pet cargo liner measures 56"x59" and covers the floor and back of seats.
Snoozer Padded Pet Cover / Cargo Liner for SUVsSnoozer Padded Pet Cover / Cargo Liner for SUVs
A 2" padded cargo liner measuring 36"-42" long and 40"-52" wide.
SUV Cargo Liner / Pet Cargo Cover from Guardian Gear - BlackSUV Cargo Liner / Pet Cargo Cover from Guardian Gear - Black
The Guardian Gear SUV Cargo Liner measures 58" x 47".
Insect Shield Pet Cargo Liner Area Cover for Cars & SUVsInsect Shield Pet Cargo Liner Area Cover for Cars & SUVs
Insect repellent treated pet cargo liner measures 59"L x 47"W.
Roll Mat - SUV Cargo Area Vehicle Accessory for DogsRoll Mat - SUV Cargo Area Vehicle Accessory for Dogs
Cargo Area Roll Mat - 16.9" x 21.13"

Sorry, we don't have custom-made-to-fit cargo liners for dogs at this time. All three brands are just one size fits all which means they may be slightly too big for your SUV or even too small. Measure the inside of your vehicle and compare measurements to make sure these sizes will work for you. The Kurgo and Guardian Gear brands can hang from the back seats, so they helps to keep dog hair off the back upholstery. The Snoozer brand lies flat. However, it is much more padded than the other two brands. The Kurgo brand uses more durable material and also has a lifetime guarantee and a great repair/replacement policy.

Pet cargo liners are more for protecting your vehicle than for protecting your dog. So to keep your dog safe, consider the Pet Buckle pet car harness with the Kwik Connect Tether on the Dog Seat Belts page. The Bergan harness and tether may work to secure your dog in the cargo area as well. Check your cargo area for metal anchor rings.

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