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How to Protect Your Car from Your Dog

Don’t Let Your Dog Mess Up Your New Car

By Dawn Ross, October 2015
If you’re like me, you love taking your dogs with you when you travel. What you probably don’t love is the dog hair and muddy paws all over your seats, especially if you have a newer car. Fortunately, you can cover your seats, doors, and/or cargo area with blankets, or you can buy some great pet travel gear.

Paw Print Dog Car Seat Covers

The most common way to protect the seats of your car is with a car seat cover. For pets, there are some great stylish covers. As of the date of this article, Guardian Gear makes some great paw print designed covers for the front and back seats. Some ever even water resistant for those of you who like to take your dog to the lake for a swim. Kurgo makes fantastic waterproof covers, and they even have a great repair and replacement policy for when your covers get worn out. Some are even heated for your older dog’s joints or for colder weather travel. The one we are most familiar with is from Guardian Gear. Solvit makes pet car seat covers as well. Other car seat covers not marketed specifically for pets are also available.

Kurgo Dog Car Hammock in Khaki

Seat covers are great for coving front of the seats. But what about the back of the front seats? A pet travel hammock covers that too. And it covers the floor so that if you make a sudden stop, your dog won’t get thrown down. Kurgo makes some great waterproof pet travel hammocks, also with a repair and replacement policy. For a less expensive, Outward Hound has a black pet travel hammock. Other companies are selling this new kind of product as well.

Kurgo Car Door Guards in Khaki

Now that your seats are covered, how about covering the car doors as well? Kurgo, again, makes a great waterproof kind. And again, they come with a repair and replacement policy. Kurgo makes a lot of pet travel products where this policy applies. And many of their products come in khaki, grey, or black. Some even come with cool fabric designs.

Snoozer Cargo Liner / Pet Pad in Khaki

If your dog doesn’t ride in the seats, a pet cargo liner is a great way to protect the cargo area of your SUV. And yes, Kurgo makes those too. Snoozer makes a cargo liner that is plusher. And other companies make pet cargo liners that can be custom made to fit the sides of your SUV, as well as the bottom.

Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush

Dog hair getting embedded in the seat fabric of your car can be so difficult to clean. While there is no product I am aware of that makes it easy to clean, there are some products that do better than others. A regular damp cloth often works well. I also love rubber pet hair removal brushes. Even the cheaper brands sold on Amazon work fairly well. I’ve seen reusable sticky rollers, the kind that you rinse and reuse not the kind with tape, but I’ve never used on myself so I can’t tell you how well they work. I have used the Bissel Pet Hair handheld vacuum. It works well enough, but you’d need an extension cord to take it out to your car.

Kurgo Odor Eliminator for the Car

Kurgo makes a great odor eliminator that is safe for pets. Febreeze also works well, but make sure you get the kind for pet odors. There are dozens of other companies that make pet safe odor eliminator sprays. Spraying every time can be a hassle, though. If you want long term protection against doggy smells, Snoozer makes effective odor control pads. It is a simple pad that can be placed under your seat covers. And when the pad no longer works because of all the odor it has absorbed, you can wash it and replenish its power. These pads can also be used in your home.

Protecting your car from your dog makes travel so much less stressful, especially after the trip when it’s time to clean out your car so you can use it to go to work the next day. So many companies cater to pet lovers now that finding the right product for you and your dog is easy. So have great adventures with your dog!

Note from Author: Most of the brands mentioned are brands that I have dealt with personally. Therefore, the article is a bit biased. However, as of the date of this letter, none of the brands mentioned in this article pay us for ads or sponsor our website. There may be other brands available that are just as good, so feel free to shop around.

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