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How to Make Your Dog Comfortable for Car Travel

The Portable Pet Travel Flat Seat

By Dawn Ross, October 2015

Give Big Dogs More Room in the Back Seat

There are many reasons why a dog may not be comfortable when riding in the car. For my dogs, it is because I have two big dogs and a small car. They constantly slide off the seat and they can’t stretch out on those long road trips. So I use the Portable Pet Travel Flat Seat. There are other similar products that cover the floor space of the car such as the Pet Dek, Backseat Bridge from Kurgo, and the PetEgo car seat extender.

Give Your Dog Something Comfortable to Lay On
Dogs can also be made more comfortable with extra blankets to lay on. Or for small dogs, a soft pet car seat like the Snoozer brand can add extra comfort.

Travel Calm from Earth Heart

Help Your Dog with Car Sickness and Anxiety
Another reason a dog may not be comfortable in the car is because they tend to get car sick. For small dogs, consider a pet car booster seat from Snoozer or Kurgo. Being able to look out the car window can often help with car sickness. There is also a great natural remedy called Travel Calm from Earth Heart that can help with car sickness. Incidentally, Travel Calm can also work well for dogs who are anxious or hyper in the car.

More Tips on Getting Dogs Used to Car Rides
Some dogs hate riding in the car because they are not used to it and are scared. The best way to help such a dog is to desensitize him to car rides. This is a long process but one that will work the best in the long run. Here is a great detailed article that we wrote for That Mutt blog called Help a Dog that Doesn’t Like Riding in the Car.

Other Dog Comforts
Other ways you can make your dog more comfortable in the car is to give him something of his that is familiar. Bring his bed with you, his crate (if it is a small one that can be secured in the car), his toys, and possibly some treats. Use caution with some chew toys or treats since you don’t want your dog to accidentally start choking on anything.
For dog travel products that might provide comfort, consider pet travel bowls, kennel coolant devices, or the BreezeGuard car window screens to give your dog fresh air without allowing him to hang his head out the window.

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