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Large Bergan Pet Car Harness with Seat Belt Tether - Mossy Oak

Large Bergan Pet Car Harness with Seat Belt Tether - Mossy Oak

Large Bergan Pet Car Harness with Seat Belt Tether - Mossy Oak
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Your Dog is Less of a Distraction with the Mossy Oak Pet Car Harness

Minimize driver distractions and keep your dog safe by having him wear a dog seat belt. Consider the Bergan brand which has the wide sizing range and will work in any vehicle. It has also been tested for strength, comfort, and durability and meets the V9DT Pet Safety Durability Test Standard. A load bearing carabiner is attached to both ends of the car harness tether so that you can secure your dog to the seat belt, latchbar, or cargo rings. Once it is adjusted to fit snugly, it is easy to put on you dog. It has a padded chest plate which gives extra safety and a nice comfortable fit.

The Bergan Pet Safety Harness has been Strength Tested as well as Tested for Quality and Comfort

* Bergan tests their pet safety harness products
* Large fits dogs 50-80 pounds

* Straps are 1.5 inches wide
* The neck size is fully adjustable. It adjust by pulling the strap through the harness body.
* It fits a girth size up to 40 inches around
* The tether is included and it adjusts from 12-24 inches long

Please note that the crashworhiness of this product decreases at larger sizes. An independent crash test from the Center for Pet Safety concluded that the harness breaks at the 75lb level. If your dog weighs this much or more, this product is beneficial as a way to reduce driver distraction. It may also be useful if you have to slam on the brakes or make a sudden turn. However, it may not hold up in a collision.

 Shipping cost is $6.00 and is based on packaging and estimated weight. It is generally shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

How the Bergan dog car harness attachesHow the Bergan dog car harness attaches

Please check the seat belt housing to see if the tether has a way to clip into it. The Bergan tether may not work with the seat belt housings of newer model Mercedes except by clipping it onto the latch bar, which is located between the rear seat cusions of all 2001 and later vehicles.:

Attach Dog Seat Belt Tether to Latch Bar

Click for written instructions on how to put on the Bergan pet car harnessor check out the instructional video.

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