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Ruff Rider Roadie Dog Safety Belt Harness & Tether - Medium 1

Ruff Rider Roadie Dog Safety Belt Harness & Tether - Medium 1

Ruff Rider Roadie Dog Safety Belt Harness & Tether - Medium 1
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The Ruff Rider Roadie Dog Safety Belt is Made in the USA

* The above photo is of a larger dog and does not reflect the smaller Medium 1 size.

For a tried and true dog safety belt, consider the Ruff Rider Roadie. This manufacturer has been around for many years and still continuously strives for improvement. Their history proves this company is truly dedicated to the safety of your beloved dog furry family member.

The Roadie Seat Belt Harness for Dogs has been Safety Tested to Withstand 5,000 Pounds of Force

Several factors ensure that the Roadie dog safety belt is designed in the best interest of your dog:

1. The Ruff Rider Roadie uses the same strength webbing specs as in seatbelts for people.
2. Stress in a sudden stop or car accident is on your dog's chest bone rather than his throat.
3. The Roadie has no plastic parts.
4. The harness is pleated under your dog's front legs in order to reduce irritation.
5. Strength tested at the Commercial Test Labs in Denver.
6. Crash tested at the Allianz Insurance Crash Research Center in Germany.

Putting on this seat belt harness for dogs for the first time may be a bit confusing. But after you do it a couple of times, it is simple and easy. Put it over your dog's head then put his legs through. Then buckle the dog in with the seatbelt of your car. You can also secure your dog with a carabiner clip onto the latchbar in the back seat or a metal cargo ring in an SUV or van. The strap on this dog safety belt allows for either a short strap or a longer strap. Shorter straps are safer as they keep your dog from being tossed around as much in an emergency car maneuver. But a longer strap may be best for dogs that refuse to hold still while wearing their dog safety belt. Tangling can be a danger so consider your dog's temperament when considering which strap length to use.

The Medium 1 size is best for dogs with a chest/girth size of between 26" and 30". If your dog is right at a 30" girth, consider the Medium 2 size instead. It is better to be a little loose on your dog than too small. A tight fit is not only uncomfortable for your dog but can also cause more injury should your dog try to get out of it. A dog is less likely to try to get out of something comfortable than something uncomfortable. If you think your dog will still try to get out of the harness, we have some pet car safety taining tips to help him get used to their seat belt harness.

Measure around your dog's chest/girth to make sure the Medium 1 is the right size for your pet. Our Guarantee Fit Promise allows for an exchange but it is best to get the right size the first time. Here is how and where to measure:

Measuring Guide for Roadie

Medium 1: Chest/Girth 26" – 30" / 35 - 45 pounds

Black and Gold
Black and Red
Scuba Blue
Scuba Blue w/ Pink

* The harness and tether of the Ruff Rider Roadie is all one piece but is long enough to be used as a short leash or can be clipped up so that it is not in the way when your dog is off-leash.

* Design input for comfort and safety has been provided by a veterinarian orthopedic surgeon.

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