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Ruff Rider Roadie Harness Dog Safety Seat Belt & Tether - Medium 2

Ruff Rider Roadie Harness Dog Safety Seat Belt & Tether - Medium 2

Ruff Rider Roadie Harness Dog Safety Seat Belt & Tether - Medium 2
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The Roadie Harness Dog Safety Seat Belt is Crash Tested and Made in the USA

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The Roadie harness has been on the market for nearly 20 years. What does this mean to you and your furry family member? The Ruff Rider Roadie represents a company of research and dedication that cannot be surpassed. While the initial design was safety tested by the Commercial Test Labs in Denver, Roadie didn't stop there. They continued to improve the safety of their products. Their new design has been re-tested at the Allianz Insurance Crash Research Company and further testing continues.

The Ruff Rider Canine Car Restraints have been Protecting Dogs in Cars for Nearly 20 Years

In addition to the safety and crash testing, the Roadie harness has a number of other safety features:

1. The webbing of their canine car restraints meet the same standards as the seatbelts for people.
2. This dog safety seat belt is designed to put pressure on your dog's chest in a sudden stop or car accident rather than dangerously on his throat.
3. A pleated design helps to reduce irritation under your dog's legs.
4. There are no breakable plastic parts.
5. Input in the safety design provided by a veterinary orthopedic surgeon.

The video on the main page can show you how simple it is. It might take a few tries the first time, but once you and your dog get used to having it put on, it becomes a simple and routine process. Notice the two loop openings on the tether on the back of the harness. The one closest to your dog is best for dogs that don't like to move around too much in the car. It keeps them more secure and helps them stay in one spot without much throwing about in the event of an auto accident or emergency car maneuver. The second loop opening at the end of the tether is for dogs who will not hold still in the car. The longer tether allows them to move around a bit more so that they are less likely to try to escape out of the dog safety seat belt. Put either the seatbelt of the car or a carabiner clip through one of the loops. The carabiner clip can be attached to a metal cargo ring in the back of most SUVs. If your dog will be riding in the cargo area of your SUV, check for a metal cargo ring. Outside of the vehicle, the tether can be used as a short walking leash or clipped on top so it is out of the way.


Measuring Guide for Roadie

Canine car restraints are best fitted by measuring your dog's girth. The girth is the chest area just behind your dog's front legs. The measurement for this Medium 2 size is 31" to 33" around. If your dog is right at 33" around, consider the large size instead. You do not want the Roadie Harness to fit too tightly. It should be comfortable. Please note that a tight fit will not prevent a determined dog from trying to escape his harness. We have some great tips on our Pet Auto Safety Blog for how to help your dog get used to this new device.

Medium 2: Chest/Girth 31" – 33" / 46 - 75 pounds

Black and Gold
Black and Red
Scuba Blue
Scuba Blue with Pink

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