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K9 Car Fence Dog Safety Car Seat / Pet Net - Deluxe

K9 Car Fence Dog Safety Car Seat / Pet Net - Deluxe

K9 Car Fence Dog Safety Car Seat / Pet Net - Deluxe
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The K9 Car Fence Works
Like a Pet Net and
a Dog Safety Car Seat

Let's face it, some pets just won't wear a seat belt for dogs. And if you have a big dog and a little car, he can't ride in a pet travel crate either. So consider the K9 Car Fence alternative. It's great for a dog up to 70 pounds, or for up to three smaller dogs. Your pets can't distract the driver and sudden stops won't send them flying.

A Safe Way to Travel for Pets That
Won't Wear a Dog Car Harness

* Please note that discount codes do not apply for this product.

The pet net of the K9 Car Fence provides resilience in a sudden stop. No more flying into the dash, onto the floor, or into the back of the seat. The fence also acts as a dog safety car seat because he is confined to one space in the car. The Deluxe version comes with a seat cover flap available in three pawsome colors – black with tan trim, tan with black trim, and maroon with black trim. This dog car seat cover flap protects the bottom and back of your cushions from hair and muddy paws.

The pet net measures 28" side to side, 20" back to front, and 23" in maximum height (height is adjustable). The fence is made of 100% nylon and the cover flap is machine washable.

- Black with tan trim
- Tan with black trim

K9 Car Fence Deluxe Black 

* Adjustable headrests are needed in order to install. * Fits the front passenger seat or back seat of most cars. Several anchor straps are included so you can connect them to the head rest, child seat latch bar, visor, and/or seat base.

K9 Car Fence Anchor Points Two Dogs in K9 Car Fence Pierson in the K9 Car Fence

Above images are of the original. The deluxe works the same way but includes a seat cover. Select a cover in tan, black, or maroon.

View instructions on YouTube, follow the detailed instructions provided with your order, or contact K9 Car Fence directly. Once the anchor straps are in place, the fence is much easier and simpler to put up or take down. Store the fence when not in use and leave the anchor straps in place for easier reinstallation.
Visit YouTube here to watch the set up video -

* Made in the USA
* Use in the front or back seats
* Confines your dog(s) to a roomy space
* Allows your dog to see out
* Resistant net siding
* Holds total of 70 pounds (one large dog, two medium, or three small)
* Adjustable height
* No tools needed for installation
* Anchor straps can be left in place for easy removal and reinstallation

* Please note, we are no longer able to provide discounts on this item.

$10.00 to ship. This item is generally shipped via UPS.
Terms & Conditions apply to all orders.

Reduce driver distraction and help
your pet ride save by buying the
K9 Car Fence from today.

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