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Kurgo Go-Tech Adventure Dog Seat Belt Harness with Tether – X-Small

Kurgo Go-Tech Adventure Dog Seat Belt Harness with Tether – X-Small

Kurgo Go-Tech Adventure Dog Seat Belt Harness with Tether – X-Small
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The Go-Tech Canine Car Harness Has Steel Buckles for Car Travel Safety

Combine safety, style, and functionality all with one great dog car restraint / walking harness from Kurgo. It's the new Go-Tech Adventure harness and it is perfect for a car ride as well as on an outdoor adventure. There are no plastic buckles on this canine car harness. The Go-Tech Adventure uses steel nesting buckles. It also comes with a loop tether that can be used with the seat belt of your car in order to secure your dog.

* V-neck design to prevent choking
* Padded chest plate and back vertebrae protector
* Steel nesting buckles
* Includes a car tether with a steel carabiner clip
* Control handle on top for assisting dogs
* No pull halt ring in front to help with walking control

The New Kurgo Go-Tech Adventure Harness Works as a Dog Seat Belt and Walking Harness

The extra-small dog seat belt fits dogs weighing between 5 and 10 pounds. The size around the front of the chest (under the neck) is 9 inches around. This may seem large for such a small dog, but you don't want it around your dog's neck. You want it to fit around the front of his chest. The size around the girth (chest just behind the front legs) adjusts from 12-18 inches around.
The Kurgo Go-Tech Adventure is designed with car safety in mind. It has the same quality make and design as the Kurgo Tru-Fit dog seat belt but comes in cool colors and the padded chest piece is cut into a V-neck. A dog car restraint helps to keep your dog from being a distraction to the driver by securing him in the back seat. The loop car tether is included and uses a steel carabiner clip that clips onto your dog's harness on one end while the seat belt of your car goes through the looped part on the other. As a canine car harness, it also has a vertebrae protector on the back in order to help reduce the risk of injury in a car accident. Please note, however, that this product has not yet been crash tested.
As with all Kurgo products, the Go-Tech Adventure has a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. Repair & replacement for other damage, such as chewing, available for a nominal fee.
Dark Raspberry or Vibrant Blue

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The looped car tether allows your dog to sit or lie down in the car. However, it may not be comfortable for your dog to stand or move around while wearing it and your dog could get tangled. It is safer for your dog to sit or lie down. But if your dog likes to stand and move around, you can also purchase the direct to seat belt tether.

The looped car tether is clipped onto the back while the seat belt of your car goes through the loop in order to secure your dog. Easily unclip the looped tether from the back and use the harness as a walking harness.

Sephi Dog Wearing Kurgo Canine Car Harness

Some dogs do not like to wear harnesses and will try to chew them off. This product is not chew proof. So if you think your dog will try to take it off, spray it with a no-chew deterrent and try to get him used to wearing it when he is not in the car. Here are some good Dog Training Tips.

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Buy the new Kurgo Adventure dog car restraint
and walking harness in raspberry or
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