Dog Seat Covers

Dog Seat Covers & Pet Hammocks Can Protect Your Car from Your Pet

Paw print design dog car seat covers show your love for pets while also protecting your car upholstery by keeping it clean and free of pet hair, muddy paw prints, and scratches. The rear seat pet hammock can also help keep your pet from getting thrown off the seat in a sudden stop. Since the hammock also blocks the center console area, it may help to keep your furry friend in the back so that he is not a distraction to the driver.

We Have a Great Selection of Rear Pet Seat Covers and Dog Hammocks for Cars

There are several paw print designed pet seat covers to choose from as well as solid fashionable colors and classic black or khaki colors. Pet hammocks come in either black or khaki and work best in cars that have headrests on both the front and rear seats. These hammock style covers not only cover the seats, but also the floor. Check out all the covers below, or narrow your search to just Dog Car Hammocks or Pet Seat Covers for bench and bucket seats.

Buy a fashionable rear pet seat cover for the car in a classic color or paw prints design.

The rear dog seat cover is installed in your car with corner straps. Some of these styles also have extra clips so that you can secure the clips under or behind the seats. For pet hammocks, your car must have headrests on the front and back seats in order to attach. Four sets of straps wrap around the four headrests in your car. Without headrests, there is no other way for these to attach.

Kurgo Car Pet Seat Cover for Rear Bench Seat – Portsmouth Design
Measures 55" across and fits most rear bench seats.
Back Seat Dog Cover for Rear Bench Car Seats - Brown Paw Prints
The brown paw print design dog seat cover measures 55" across (wide).
Dog Car Seat Cover for Back Bench Seats - Charcoal Gray Paw Prints
This pet seat cover is 55" across the car's seat and 42" from top to bottom.
Dog Seat Cover for Front Bucket Car Seats - Charcoal Paw Prints
The pet car seat cover for the front bucket seat - 22" x 42".
Back Bench Car Seat Cover for Dogs - Guardian Gear - Black Paw Print
Black with paw prints pet seat cover measures 55" across (wide).
Pet Car Seat Cover for Front Bucket Seats - Black Paw Prints
The dog seat cover for the front bucket seat - 22" x 42".
Dog Back Seat Cover for Cars - Guardian Gear - Camel Paw Print
Camel-colored paw print dog seat cover - 55" across (wide).
Dog Car Seat Cover for Front Bucket Seats - Tan Paw Prints
The pet seat cover for the front bucket seat - 22" x 42".
Quilted Back Dog Car Seat Cover from Cruising Companion - Blue
This blue quilt pet cover for the car is 55" across (wide).
Heated Pet Car Cover for Back Rear Bench Seat - Brown Quilt
The heated dog seat cover measures 55" side-to-side.
Kurgo Wander Seat Cover / Pet Hammock for Car -Khaki, Black, or Grey
The Kurgo Wander pet hammock is 56" side-to-side x 60" front-to-back.
Classic Back Bench Dog Car Seat Cover from Guardian Gear - Khaki
This pet seatcover is made of 600D polyester and is 55" wide (across).
Classic Pet Cover for the Car Back Seat from Guardian Gear - Black
600D black polyester dog seat protector - 55" across.
Dog Car Hammock / Pet Seat Cover from Guardian Gear - Khaki
This dog hammock for the car is 57" across (wide) x 63" front to back.
Outward Hound Car Dog Hammock / Back Pet Seat Cover - Black
Black backseat car hammock to cover the floor.
(Defect Sale) Cruising Companion Houndstooth Pink Pet Car Seat Cover
New cover fits on the seat with corner straps but some middle clips are broken.
Don't want muddy paws all over your upholstery? Protect your vehicle from your best friend with a pet seat cover or dog hammock. We have a wide selection of covers. The basic ones are the paw print quilted ones from Guardian Gear or Cruising Companion (These two brands are from the same company). For a higher quality brand, consider the Kurgo.

A dog hammock is very much like a pet seat cover except it provides much more coverage. Not only does it cover the seat, it also covers the back of the front seats and the floor. By covering the floor, they also provide a measure of safety in that your dog doesn't get tossed there in a sudden stop. The hammock also covers the center console area like a barrier. Like the seat covers, the basic hammock brands are Guardian Gear or Cruising companion while the more quality brand is the Kurgo. Click the product photo above and get more detailed information about each of our covers.
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