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Crash Test Information Crash Test Information

Find Out What It Really Means
When A Product Says It Is Crash Tested

Some manufacturers of pet travel products claim crash testing but don't hold up in real world situations. One company (I will not say which) claimed their dog car harnesses were crash tested. However, they refused to share their crash test results. An independent study later revealed that although the harnesses were crash tested, they failed most of the tests. But the product was crash tested so they didn't lie, right? Legally, this is true because as of the date this page was created (October 2015) there are no laws in the US that regulate pet travel product safety.

But don't despair! There are a lot of great products that do hold up to their claims. We're here to help educate you so that you can tell the difference between advertising hype and the real deal.

Check out the following articles for more information.

Please note, this page is relatively new and we are adding new stuff all the time.

The Truth About Pet SafetyThe best crash test studies have been done to analyze the results of front, rear, side, and rollover crashes.
2013 Dog Seat Belt Safety Report from the Center for Pet SafetyThis is a .pdf document of the crash test results conducted on 11 dog car harness brands by The Center for Pet Safety in 2013.
Our Take on the 2013 Dog Seat Belt Study Conducted by CPSYou may find the 2013 dog seat belt report conducted by The Center for Pet Safety to be quite confusing. We're here to help break down the results in simpler terms and to tell you what we understood from it.
2015 Crate Crash Test Report from the Center for Pet SafetyThis is a .pdf document of the crash test results on pet travel crates claiming to be crash tested, conducted by the Center for Pet Safety in 2015.
Our Take on the 2015 Crate Crash Test Study Completed by CPSAlthough the crash tests conducted by CPS on pet travel crates opened our eyes to how unsafe some of them are, we found a glaring discrepancy between real-world application and the test scenario they used. As such, some faulty assumptions have been made.
Why the 2015 CPS Crash Test Study on Crates is a FailureIf you wish to buy a crash tested crate for your dog but aren't sure which is the safest, don't rely on the 2015 crash test study completed by the Center for Pet Safety (CPS). Unrealistic scenarios and incorrect methodology was used, resulting in a faulty premise. Find out more here.
Variocage's Response to The Center for Pet SafetyThe Center for Pet Safety only tested for frontal impact and used stronger cargo holds than what is actually used in a real vehicle.

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