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Cool Pup Dog Collar Bandana with Ice Inserts – Large 13"-15"

Cool Pup Dog Collar Bandana with Ice Inserts – Large 13"-15"

Cool Pup Dog Collar Bandana with Ice Inserts – Large 13"-15"
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Cooling Dog Collar / Bandana to Keep Your Pup Cool

* Please note the neck measurement size of 13" - 15". This size is better suited to medium sized dogs than large dogs.
Help your dog feel fresher in warm weather with the Cool Pup Bandana from Guardian Gear. These cute little blue bandanas have cooling gel pack inserts that stay cool for about an hour. Since the bandana goes around your dog's neck like a dog collar, the coolness is right up to the carotid artery, therefore helping to spread that freshness throughout your dog's body.

Reusable, Freezable and Non-Toxic Gel Pack Inserts Included

The bandana is made from lightweight nylon material. It is not bulky and that helps release heat. The gel packs are freezable and reusable. And they are non-toxic.
* Gel packs take about an hour to freeze
* Frozen gel packs last about an hour
* Packs are removable
* 2 Non-Toxic gel packs
* Cleans with a damp cloth and line dry
* SPF fabric
1 Put gel packs in the freezer for about an hour.
2 Insert them into the bandana.
3 Secure the bandana with the velcro tabs.
Front and Back of Cool Pup Bandana / Dog Collar Close Up of Cool Pup Dog Collar / Bandana
Bandana - Polyester mesh nylon fabric provides some protection from the sun's harmful rays (SPF fabric)
Gel Pack – Non-Toxic fluid
The large banana fits necks 13" – 15". Please note, larger dogs, such as Labradors have much larger neck measurements. So the large is not intended for large dogs. It is simply the largest size this bandana / dog collar comes in.
Each gel pack is a narrow 3/4" inch and is 4.5" long. Two included.
Blue only
Not intended as a substitute for practicing pet summer safety. Provide shade and cool water when out in warmer weather. Pugs and other dogs with a short nasal cavity need extra care in the heat. Do not leave your dog alone in the car, even if he is wearing one of these cooling collars.

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