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ClickIt Utility Pet Seat Belt Safety Car Harness from Sleepypod – Large

ClickIt Utility Pet Seat Belt Safety Car Harness from Sleepypod – Large

ClickIt Utility Pet Seat Belt Safety Car Harness from Sleepypod – Large
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The ClickIt Utility Pet Seat Belt Crash Tested at the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard

The newest and most innovative seatbelt for dogs on the market is from Sleepypod. It's called the ClickIt Utility pet seat belt and it is innovative for a variety of reasons. First of all, it uses a 3-point anchor system to help absorb the pressure on your dog in a frontal auto accident. This design also helps to keep your dog on the seat in such a crash. Secondly, it is innovative because it has been crash tested using a 75 pound dummy whereas others use a lesser weight. Scroll down for more safety information and a crash test video.

*Black is out of stock

ClickIt Utility Dog Car Harnesses Keep Your Best Friend in His Seat in a Crash

-Break-free straps
-Has three attachment sites
-Wide padded vest

Tethers of the ClickIt Utility Dog Seat Belt

-Passed static tensile tests
-Frontal collision crash testing conducted and passed at 30mph using a 75lb dog dummy
-Passed FMVSS No. 213 standards for child safety restraints
-Six years of research behind the design
-Your pet stays secure in his seat
-Materials include ballistic nylon, webbing, and strength rated hardware

-Won't work in the front seat or cargo area
-Vehicle must have the latch system in the back seat (see How it Works below)
-All three attachment points must be used (two side straps and rear seat belt connection)
-The two side connection straps must have the clip facing outward
-Dogs should not stand or move around (the harness will not prevent your dog from trying to do this)
-Not chew or escape proof
-Your dog can lie down or sit, but will not be able to stand
-Infographic on pet safety effectiveness - http://sleepypod.com/safetyclass.pdf
-Additional Safety info – Press Release on Dog Car Harnesses

Large – Neck plus chest measurement totals 53 to 60 inches. The padded chest piece is 11 inches long.

Take a tape measure and calculate the total number of inches around both your dog's chest and neck. The tape should wrap around in a figure-8 as shown in the diagram below. You can also watch the video. The total in inches is what you use to determine the size of pet seat belt you need.

Measuring the ClickIt Utility Pet Car Harness

Attach the two side tethers of the ClickIt seat belt for dogs onto the latch system in the back seat. The latch system is the metal rings located between the cushions and is generally used for baby seats. It should be in the rear seats of all vehicles 2001 and later. The third attachment point uses the seat belt of your vehicle. Pull the seat belt through the back of the harness and buckle it in. Watch the above instructional video for visual instructions.

ClickIt Utility Pet Safety Belt

Select either the black or the red.

The crash test video below shows a 30 mph test using a 75 pound dog dummy. The ClickIt Utility passes the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 213 standard for child safety.

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Protect your best pal and
purchase the ClickIt Utility seatbelt
for dogs from PetAutoSafety.com today.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 0.0
Reply from PetAutoSafety regarding above review.After contacting Mr. Lassiter regarding this issue, we determined that his order was placed through Amazon rather than our company. He is not sure if he followed up with someone through Amazon or through Sleepypod directly.

We here at PetAutoSafety are a small company and pride ourselves in being able to help our customers. We are even happy to help those who have a product we sell but didn't purchase from us. We are currently helping Mr. Lassiter and hope we can help him keep his dog safe.
Written by Dawn Ross, owner of PetAutoSafety on Mon 8 Sep 2014 5:07:51 PM GMT
A product is only as good as the customer service when there is a problemI contacted the company twice about a problem that prevented me from using the harness and was ignored. I was never contacted with any possible solution or offer to provide longer straps. I still have not been able to use the restraint harness for my dog. Customer service is non-existent. Written by Bill Lassiter on Sat 6 Sep 2014 10:17:49 PM GMT
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