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ClickIt Utility & Sport Car Safety Dog Seat Belts

The Crash Tested ClickIt Utility & ClickIt Sport Pet Seat Belts from Sleepypod

Recent studies have prompted new design innovation for dog seat belts. Sleepypod, with 6 years of research on pet travel safety behinds it, has designed the ClickIt Utility & ClickIt Sport seat belt harness for dogs. Its design is unlike any other in that it uses three points of contact to keep your dog in the seat. This design also helps to absorb the force caused by a frontal car accident. The ClickIt Utility & ClickIt Sport have been crash tested using a 75 pound dummy dog and has passed all the safety tests conducted by the Center for Pet Safety. The Center for Pet Safety has deemed this the top safety dog seat belt in their 2013 study. Scroll down to watch the video from Sleepypod and see how the dog stays on the seat.

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Good Alternatives to the ClickIt: AllSafe and Ruff Rider.

Your Pet Stays in the Seat with the 2013 #1 Rated ClickIt Utility Seat Belt Harness for Dogs

-Dispels pressure with the broad padded vest
-Secures with seat belt of the car with three contact points
-Two straps that break free to lessen tension (ClickIt Utility)

-Rated as the #1 safest dog seat belt in 2013 by the Center for Pet Safety (2013 study)
-Sleepypod has six years of experience with pet travel safety testing
-Your pet stays secure in his seat
-Side to side movement is limited
-Materials include ballistic nylon, webbing, and strength rated hardware
-Verified harness parts passed static tensile testing for strength
-Crash tested at 30 miles per hour with a 75 pound dog dummy
-Passed the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 213 standard for child safety restraints
-Uses Pet Passenger Restraint System (PPRS) Technology

* The x-small and small size is actually for smaller medium sized dogs.
* The two side attachments must have the clips facing outward.
* All three attachment points for the ClickIt Utility must be used, so use in the back seat only.
* The ClickIt Utility must use the metal latch bar rings located in the back seat between the cusions.
* The harness forces your dog in a sitting forward position so training may be needed if your dog insists on trying to stand up or move around.
* This product is not escape proof and your dog could chew through it.
* How can you determine the safety of a car harness? Check out the following infographic -
* Read this Press Release on dog seat belts for more safety information.

Red, Black, or Orange

SIZES - ClickIt Utility
Extra Small – 31 to 36 inches
Small – 37 to 44 inches
Medium – 45 to 52 inches
Large – 53 to 60 inches

Please note that the x-small and small are actually for smaller medium-sized dogs. Sleepypod recommends smaller dogs to ride in a pet travel carrier rather than a seat belt.

HOW TO MEASURE - ClickIt Utility
Start on your dog's back between the shoulder blades. Wrap the tape measure around your dog's back. And then with the same tape measure, wrap around your dog's neck. Come back to the shoulder blades. This total measurement in inches is what you need to determine the size of pet seat belt you need. The image below shows how to measure in a figure-8. The video below also gives this demonstration along with how to put the harness on your dog and how to secure him in the car.

The back seat of your vehicle should have the latch system in place in order for these dog seat belts to work effectively. The latch system should be in the rear seat of all vehicles 2001 and later. What is the latch system? It is the metal rings between the cushions of your seat and is used to secure a baby seat. The above instructional video will show you the step-by-step process.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) sets a standard for child safety for which the ClickIt Utility passed using a 75 pound dummy at the speed of 30 miles per hour.

Provide your best friend with the ultimate car travel safety and buy the ClickIt Utility pet seat belt today.

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