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Bergan Dog Car Safety Harness Seat Belt Review to Protect Your Pet

After perusing the web, we've found that most dog seat belt reviews for the Bergan were above average. There are a few drawbacks, but most aspects of the Bergan dog car harness are positive.

 4.25 Bergan Extra-Large Dog Car Harness
The extra-large Bergan is the best dog car harness for dogs between 80 and 150 pounds. It fits the biggest dogs such as large Dobermans, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, and Great Danes. The manufacturer has tested this harness using V9DT standards and determined it will withstand 4,400 pounds of force. (This size has not been tested by any other industry.)

 3.75 - 4.25 Bergan Large Dog Car Harness
The long chest plate and ability to adjust both the neck and the chest make the Bergan large able to fit deep chested breeds, such as Greyhounds, very well. However, while it passed V9DT standards, the harness failed an independent crash test using a 75 pound dog dummy. If your dog is less than 75 pounds, consider this as 4.25 stars. For dogs over 75 pounds, this size is best used to keep dogs in the back seat under normal driving conditions and in minor fender-benders and consider this as 3.75 stars.

 4.5 Bergan Medium Dog Seat Belt
This size passed by V9DT standards and the independent crash test using a 45 pound dog dummy. The long chest piece and adjustable neck size makes this size ideal for deep chested breeds such as a Whippet.

 4.0 Bergan Small Dog Car Harness
This size also passed V9DT standards and independent crash testing. The long chest piece and adjustable neck size makes this size ideal for deep chested or long chested breeds such as the Italian Greyhound and Dachshund. However, it may not fit smaller dogs, especially ones with a short and narrow chest.

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Below, you will find a few quoted testimonials that people shopping with us shared. Some also shared photos of their dogs wearing the Bergan. You will also find a list of known pros and cons that we've either read on other review sites or received as feedback through our Customer Service line.

Bergan Dog Car Harness Review & Testimonials:

Duncan's family bought the large dog car harness and this is their review:
We drove 910 miles on Friday and he was great.  He did manage to slip out of the front of the harness twice but I don’t think I had it tight enough.”
Retriever Mix Dog Duncan Wearing Bergan Large Dog Seat Belt

SpudDoodle with DoodleKisses was very unhappy about a dog seat belt brand bought somewhere else. The harness actually broke! So we sent her the Bergan dog car harness to review. This is what she had to say:
"It is great to find a Good Business.  Rarely do I promote anything, but this time, I truly believe in the product and her business!" and "Thanks for helping me and Thanks for keeping my Best Friend Safe."
Her full review can be found on, a forum for owners of Poodle mixed breeds such as Golden-Doodles.
Golden Doodle Spud Wearing Bergan Large Dog Seat Belt

Dawn from did a Bergan dog car harness review with a therapy dog named Bobo. Yes, she was given a free harness in exchange for a review, but was instructed to make sure the review was completely honest. We encourage everyone to be honest about the products they buy from us so that others can make an informed decision. With that being said, this is what Dawn said about Bobo's dog car safety harness:
"Our first time use required a few minutes to find that perfect fit. Daily use is a breeze- it takes less than a minute." and "The harness and tether both use high quality webbing. The tether piece is adjustable allowing Bobo just enough room to get comfortable but keeping him secure on the seat. The wide padded chest piece looks like it would evenly distribute the force in the event of a quick stop or accident."
Her full review can be found on her website,
Bobo Wearing Bergan Large Dog Car Safety Harness

Here are other photos from people who bought the Bergan from us. They stated they were very happy with it, but did not leave a review.
Kandy Wearing Bergan Dog Car Restraint Luna and Hela Wearing Bergan Dog Seat Belts Hela Wearing the Bergan Large Dog Car Safety Belt Retriever Wearing Large Bergan Dog Seat Belt

Dougie's mom got one from us because she wanted to consider selling Bergan dog car harnesses in the UK on her site. She loved it so much that she has now been selling the Bergans in the UK for years. She has a ton of Bergan dog car harness review comments.
Dougie West Highland White Terrier (Westie) in Bergan Dog Seat Belt

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Pros and Cons of the Bergan Dog Seat Belts

So far, all the Bergan dog car harness review comments are good. Many people who are unhappy with the Bergan simply return it to us for a refund without explaining why. There is nothing wrong with this, of course, but it means we don't have any quoted negative reviews. Our Customer Service team does listen so we are aware of a few drawbacks. First, the pros:


  • Bergan is a safety tested and independently crash tested dog car harness.
  • The padded chest is very comfortable for most dogs and its wide padding helps to dissipate pressure.
  • The extra large dog car harness fits most very big dogs.
  • The neck and the chest straps are fully adjustable, making this one of the best fitting harnesses, especially for deep chested dogs, dogs with thin necks, and those with wide barrel chests.
  • The carabiner clip of the tether can be clipped between the safety belt buckle of your car or onto the metal latch bar rings located between the seat cushions in the back seat of all 2001 and later model vehicles. It can also be used in the cargo area where metal cargo rings are available.
  • Although the tether twists if your dog moves around too much, it is unlikely that your dog will get tangled in it. Tangling is a common issue with looped-type tethers and Bergan does not use a looped-type tether. It clips directly onto the safety belt.
  • The tether is adjustable in length, allowing dogs to sit, stand, or lie down.
  • Once you get the size adjusted and put it on a few times, putting it on is a breeze. Simply lay it flat, then have your dog stop onto the opening for the legs, and then pull it up and clip it on.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • While the Bergan can be used as a walking dog harness, there is no easy way to attach a leash to it, especially if the leash clip is small.
  • Many have claimed that you have to frequently re-adjust the straps to fit. A possible fix is to tie a knot at the end.
  • The Bergan dog car restraint was reviewed by a non-profit organization called the Center for Pet Safety. They crash tested dog car harness brands and found that the Bergan large dog car harnesses ripped in the crash test using a 75lb dog dummy. Bergan is currently working on resolving this issue. In the meantime, using a dog car restraint is better than using nothing at all.
  • The small dog car harness may be too big for smaller pets. The chest piece may be too long or the harness padding may be too bulky.
  • Although the tether is adjustable in length, even at its shortest, a large dog could be launched off the seat and partially onto the floor. This tether length, while seen as a con in safety, is actually a benefit for dogs that do not like the restriction of harnesses with shorter tethers. Know your dog and balance his comfort with safety. Also, we recommend the Backseat Bridge to cover the floor so that big dogs have more space.
  • If a dog moves around too much while wearing the Bergan, the tether does get twisted. However, there is no tangling.
  • One Bergan dog car harness review was unhappy about the plastic buckles. True, the Bergan clips together with plastic buckles. However, it is the metal carabiner clip and the durable nylon webbing that actually holds the dog seat belt together. This method has been crash tested and there was no report of the plastic buckles breaking.
  • One reviewer said the neck size was too big. The neck size, however, is fully adjustable. The actual con here is it was not easily apparent that the neck size is adjustable.
  • Dogs can slip out of it. However, this is true of any dog car restraint. You do not want the harness to be too tight or it is uncomfortable and will pinch them if you have to stop suddenly.
  • The Bergan currently comes only in one color.

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My personal Bergan dog car harness review is highly favorable.

As the owner of Pet Auto Safety, I, Dawn Ross, have the opportunity to try out many brands. My dog Pierson has worn the Bergan almost exclusively since he came into our lives in 2012. He has tried other brands, but I really like how well the Bergan fits him. It is the best dog car harness for him. My other dog, Maya, wore it for a while, too, but I have since had her try a number of other brands. When she wore the Kurgo Go-Tech brand, though, I used it with the Bergan tether rather than the Kurgo looped tether.
Australian Shepherd / Border Collie Mix Pierson in Bergan Large Dog Seat Belt

Aussie mix Pierson in Bergan & Labrador Retriever Maya in Kurgo
Pierson in Bergan, Maya in Kurgo, but using Bergan tether.

Here are some great photos and videos of Bergan dog seat belts to review:
Bergan Tether Clipping to Latch System Attaching the Bergan Tether to the Seat Belt Housing Step in Bergan Dog Seat Belt Harness Putting the Bergan Dog Car Harness on a Labrador Retriever Clipping the Bergan Dog Seat Belt onto a Labrador Retriever
Adjusting the Neck on the Bergan Dog Car Harness Adjusting the Side Straps of the Bergan Dog Seat Belt Making Sure the Bergan Dog Seat Belt is Snug but not Tight

Our dog Pierson is wearing the Bergan dog seat belt in this fun pet car safety video:

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