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AllSafe Dog Car Seat Belt Harnesses

Check Out the Crash Tested AllSafe Dog Car Safety Harness

The AllSafe pet seat belt has been tested and retested by a number of testing facilities. It is German engineered and was first crash tested in Europe by the ADAC Technology Centre. It has met safety standards established by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE R-17). In the US, it was tested by MGA Research using the Federal motor vehicle safety standard No 213 for child restraints. And finally, the AllSafe dog car harness was independently crash tested by the nonprofit organization, The Center for Pet Safety. See more information on safety below.

AllSafe Dog Car Safety Seat Belt Harness – SmallAllSafe Dog Car Safety Seat Belt Harness – Small
Small dog car harness for small breeds 20-33lbs (e.g. Corgi's, Beagles, Cocker Spaniels)
AllSafe Dog Travel Safety Car Harness – MediumAllSafe Dog Travel Safety Car Harness – Medium
Medium dog seat belt for breeds 34-66lbs (e.g. Border Collie, Australian Shepherd)
AllSafe Dog Car Seat Belt Safety Harness – LargeAllSafe Dog Car Seat Belt Safety Harness – Large
Large dog seat belt for breeds 67-110lbs (e.g. Doberman, G. Shepherd, Retriever)
AllSafe Dog Car Safety Travel Harness – X-LargeAllSafe Dog Car Safety Travel Harness – X-Large
X-Large dog seat belt for pets over 110lbs (e.g. Great Dane, Newfoundland)
Short Tether for AllSafe Dog Car Harness - 6"Short Tether for AllSafe Dog Car Harness - 6"
Short Tether for AllSafe - 6"
Long Tether for AllSafe Dog Seat Belt Harness - Adjustable 7"-17"Long Tether for AllSafe Dog Seat Belt Harness - Adjustable 7"-17"
Long Tether for AllSafe Adjusts 7" - 17"
Click 'n' Roll Retractable Dog Safety Car TeatherClick 'n' Roll Retractable Dog Safety Car Teather

Use the chart below to determine the correct size for your dog. Please compare with measurements rather than breed since breed sizes can vary.

Size A B C Dog Weight Dog Breed
11"-32" 6.4" 20-33 lbs Beagle
Cocker Spaniel
Medium 24"-29.6" 20"-40" 6.8" 34-66 lbs Border Collie
Australian Shepherd
Large 25.6"-40" 20"-40" 9.2" 67-110 lbs Doberman
German Shepherd
X-Large 30.4"-40" 20"-42.8" 12" 110 lbs + Great Dane


Black with reflective stripes on the chest.

* German engineered
* Proven performance in Europe for over 15 years
* Crash Tested
* Quality webbing and steel parts
* Works well as a walking harness too
* Reflective striping on the chest piece for nitghtime visibility
* V-neck to prevent choking

Front and Back View of AllSafe Dog Car Safety Seat Belt Harness Connecting AllSafe Dog Car Harness Strap to Seat Belt of Car
The image above on the right shows the longer tether and how it is attached to the seat belt. Please note that this longer tether is not included. The AllSafe comes with the safer shorter tether.
Labrador Retriever Maya Wearing AllSafe Dog Car Seat Belt Harness Retriever Wearing AllSafe Dog Seat Belt as a Walking Harness

The AllSafe Dog Car Seat Belt is Made with High Quality Webbing and Steel Parts

German engineering means high quality construction and that is what the AllSafe pet car harness provides. The webbing is seat belt grade and all adjustment clips and attachment pieces are made of durable steel. The AllSafe also has a nice padded chest piece designed in a V so that it does not choke your dog.

In the independent crash study completed by The Center for Pet Safety in 2013, the Allsafe had no catastrophic failures for any of the sizes. It rated as well as the Ruff Rider Roadie and rated just below the #1 rated harness, the ClickIt Utility. If the ClickIt is number one, though, why would you choose the AllSafe? The ClickIt is extremely restrictive. It allows your dog to sit and lie down, but not easily. This restrictiveness is what provides the safety. The more it restricts movement, the less your dog will tossed around in an accident. However, not all dogs will tolerate this restrictiveness. As a result, they may try to chew out of or wiggle out of the harness. The AllSafe comes with a short tether, but you can purchase a longer one separately. But even with the shorter tether, your dog is still able to sit and lie down easier than with the top rated brand. Can your dog stand too? Yes, but it is not comfortable for them to do so.

Simply put the AllSafe harness over your dog's head. Then put his front legs through the leg openings. Adjust the neck and chest straps to fit snugly but not too tightly. Next, buckle in the seat belt of the car and then attach the tether to the seat belt strap with the provided carabiner clips. Finally, clip the hook to the metal ring on the back end of the harness. This metal ring can also be used to clip a leash for walking.

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