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About Us

Keeping Traveling Pets Safe Since 2006! was established in 2006 by Dawn Ross with Nature by Dawn. We are a family owned company and created this site in order to provide top pet travel products and to give helpful information regarding safe traveling with your pet.

Several years ago when Dawn had three dogs, she was delighted to find dog car harnesses for them. Back then, dog car harnesses were fairly new and there were still a lot of 'kinks' to work out. Dog travel harnesses today, however, have much more thorough testing and have been better designed for comfort and safety. When Dawn started, she just had Sephi, a spunky black Chow/Shepherd/Lab/Border Collie mix. Sephi has sinced passed away but Maya and Pierson carry on the pet safety torch.

We've been featured on DogTipper's radio show, which covers a number of pet topics. Listen in to their radio shows here:

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You can listen to our interview on the August 14th, 2013 show.

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Check out our Pet Auto Safety commercial featuring a photo of Maya & Pierson.

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