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Travel in Confidence with Leading Brand Pet Car Safety Products and Supplies for Dogs

As pet enthusiasts, we understand that you and your pet love traveling together. Whether it's just a short drive across town to the dog park for some squirrel chasing, or a long and well deserved family vacation, safety for yourself and for your beloved pets is a priority. At Pet Auto Safety, we are passionate about keeping you and your four-legged friends comfortable and safe when away from home.

Dog Car Seats
A quality safety selection of
dog car safety seats to keep
your pet secure and comfortable.
Dog Seat Belts
Select from several safety
and crash tested brands of
dog car safety seat belts.
Pet Car Barriers
Canvas, net, or metal barriers
for dog car travel to keep
your pet in the back seat.
Pet Travel Carriers
Secure your dog or cat in a
pet car travel carrier for
optimum safety and comfort.
Dog Seat Covers
Protect your car from your
pet with seat covers designed
with dogs and travel in mind.
Pet Cargo Liners
Protect the cargo area from
muddy paw prints and pet hair
with pet auto travel cargo covers.
Dog Travel Bowls
Keep your dog refreshed
with collapsible or foldable
easy-carry dog water bowls.
Outdoor Dog Gear
Dog back packs, 
pet life jackets,
cooling collars, etc.
Other Dog Travel Accessories
Find other dog travel accessories
including the backseat bridge, car
door guards, and anxiety remedies.

Get the Best Dog Harness Seat Belt - Compare USA Leading Pet Auto Safety Producs all Under One Roof

Strap your pet safely into your car, minivan or truck with a dog seat belt that fits comfortably and keeps him secure. We have pet car barriers that will keep your canine companion from distracting you from the important task of driving. For smaller pets that enjoy looking out a window, we offer dog booster seats to make it easier for them to observe the outside world without requiring them to stand, and without letting them roam freely about your vehicle, which has proven to be very hazardous when pets get anxious and move around a lot. We proudly feature all of the travel accessories you'll ever need to make long trips and short drives safer and more enjoyable for you, your family, and your pets. A portable kennel will provide restless pets with a strong sense of security while riding in your car. Pet cargo liners provide calm and collective pets with more freedom to move around while keeping the interior of your car looking new. Be sure to always carry a portable water bowl to keep your K9 companion hydrated and healthy.

Always travel safely while on the go
with your pet when you shop at PetAutoSafety.com.

Shopping with us means the following benefits:

  • A quality selection of various pet travel supplies.
  • A variety of well-known brands to choose from.
  • We have specialize in pet travel safety since 2006.
  • We use our own products for our four-legged pals.
  • We have a customer service team of real animal lovers.
  • Our shipping & handling prices reflect actual costs (not hidden or inflated).
  • An easy exchange if you purchase the wrong sized dog seat belt.

Purchase some of our best selling dog travel products below:

Small Bergan Pet Car Harness with Dog Safety Belt Tether
The small Bergan dog safety belt fits pets between 10 and 25 pounds.
Medium Bergan Dog Safety Seat Belt with Car Harness and Tether
The medium Bergan pet auto restraint adjusts to fit dogs between 25 and 50 pounds.
Large Bergan Dog Safety Car Harness with Pet Seat Belt Tether
The large Bergan pet auto restraint fits dogs between 50 and 80 pounds.
Extra Large Bergan Dog Safety Car Harness with Seat Belt Tether
The extra large Bergan dog seat belt fits dogs between 80 and 150 pounds.
Sleepypod Air Soft Dog Travel Carrier / Safety Pet Car Seat
This pet carrier has been crash tested; measures 15"l x 9.5"w x 9.5"h inside; best for pets under 15lbs.
Snoozer Lookout Safety Car Pet Booster Seat - Medium
This dog booster seat is for dogs up to 25lbs and measures 22"w x 19"l x 17"h. Read more sizing info:
The Pet Net Brand Vehicle Safety Barrier for Cars & SUVs - Large Size
This safety dog car barrier measures 47"W x 34"H. Read more sizing info:
Dog Anxiety Treatment - Pet Travel Calm Mist from Earth Heart
A mist spray dog anxiety treatment with natural ingredients to help with restlessness and car sickness.
Breeze Guard Car Window Screens / Wire Mesh Barrier - Set of Two
Custom made screens for your car windows.

Our pets are family! Introducing our safe pals Sephi, Maya, and Pierson.

Sephi Wearing a Kurgo Pet Travel Safety Harness

Sephi Wearing Her Kurgo Pet Travel Safety Seatbelt

Maya Wearing her Kurgo Dog Car Safety Harness

 Maya Wearing Her Kurgo Dog Car Safety Seat Belt

Pierson Wearing his Bergan Pet Car Travel Harness

Pierson Wearing His Bergan Pet Car Travel Harness

Important Information to Know Regarding Auto Accident Statistics:

National statistics from the NHTSA and FARS indicate that over 50% of all people who were killed in an auto accident were not wearing their seat belts and that safety belts saved an estimated 12,500 lives in 2010.

Seat belts save lives, they can save your pet's too. 

Keeping pets safe while traveling on the road is our number one priority. We search for the best merchandise from the best companies in the USA and provide those products here for a one-stop-shop. We have everything you need to safeguard your best friend and even items to protect your vehicle.

The car seats for dogs are perfect for little ones who like to travel. We have plush car seats from Snoozer and booster seats from Kurgo. The booster seats allow your little dog to sit beside you and see out the window. Both the Snoozer and Kurgo companies have been in business a long time and their products are top-notch. All of these car seats have a tether included so that your dog can be secured. We have also included the Sleepypod carriers on this page as well as a new and interesting item called the K9 Car Fence. Also on this page are dog car hammocks and Roll-Around carriers.

Seat belts for dogs are by far our most favorite safety product. These items have come a long way since we first started doing business in 2006. If you're looking for something inexpensive and its purpose is just to keep your dog in the back seat and from being a distraction to the driver, then the standard dog car harnesses are just what you need. The Bergan brand is a great safety tested dog car harness brand , tested using V9DT standards. If you want a crash tested dog car harness, then you want one with metal clips and which have been crash tested. Check out the Kurgo and Roadie Ruff Rider brands. Our newest and most comprehensively crash and safety tested brand is the new ClickIt Utility seat belt from Sleepypod. There are reviews for the best dog car harness on each of the pages.

Pet travel barriers are a great way to keep your dog in the back area of the vehicle. This way he is not able to distract the driver. Barriers come in many forms and can be simple cloth canvas barriers, pet net barriers, or metal barriers.

A pet travel crate provides more safety than a barrier. It may even provide as much safety as a dog car harness, but only if the pet carrier is secured in the car. Some of our dog travel crates have a way for you to secure it with the seat belt of your car. This includes the Sleepypod Air and other Sleepypod carriers and the Carry-Me crates. If our carriers don't have a way to be secured in the car, we also have kennel straps available.

Have a new vehicle? Protect it from your best friend with pet seat covers, dog hammocks, and cargo liners. No more muddy paw prints and pet hair all over your seats or cargo area! We have great merchandise from Guardian Gear, Kurgo, Snoozer, and Kurgo.

For hot weather travel, consider cooling dog collars and pet travel bowls. Our collars can be put in the freezer, then on your dog in order to keep him cool. And we have a wide selection of dog water bowls. We have collapsible, foldable, and the kinds that hang on your belt loop.

Our other items which don't fit in any of the above categories are many. We have the Backseat Bridge from Kurgo which is a fantastic way to make sure your dog doesn't come off the seat when you brake. We have dog waste bags so that you can pick up after your best friend when you travel. There are also anxiety remedies to help with car sickness, anxiousness, or excitedness in the car. Don't forget door guards to protect your interior from drool and muddy paws. Or the BreezeGuard window screens to keep your best friend inside at all times. And just for fun, we also have outdoor gear such as backpacks and life jackets.

Take a look around and see all that we have to offer. We have all the best brands available in the USA. Seriously, if you don't find what you're looking for here, it might not have been invented yet!
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